Labour feud: Party members in furious spat after devastating defeat – 'It's insulting!'

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Mr Fitzpatrick was the Labour Member of Parliament for Poplar and Limehouse from 1997 until 2019 while Vice journalist Mr Segalov is also a Labour member. The pair clashed over why the party lost the election with both having differenet opinions on what caused the defeat. Matt Stadlen was LBC’s host during the clash. 

The former Labour Party MP said: “The MPs in this Parliament need to be less cautious and actually engage in the battle for the heart and soul of the Labour Party and refuse to participate in another hard-left administration.”

The LBC host then set off the debate by asking Mr Segalov: “What do you make of what Jim Fitzpatrick has been saying?”

He replied: “I think it’s just quite insulting really.

“To the hundreds of thousands of Labour members who went out and campaigned in this election to try and elect to Labour government.

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WW3 fears: Navy told to ‘pull punches’ after Soviet submarine ‘humiliated’ in UK waters

The LBC host asked Mr Segalov for his view on Jim Fitzpatrick’s argument (Image: LBC)

WW3 fears: Navy told to ‘pull punches’ after Soviet submarine ‘humiliated’ in UK waters

Jim Fitzpatrick attacked the hard-left approach in the Labour Party (Image: LBC)

“I also think this framing that we’re hearing from people like Jim and others about what Momentum has been.

“Which as a journalist who’s going out to see what Momentum do it’s actually really inspiring.”

Mr Fitzpatrick said: “I certainly don’t mean to be insulting, but those who believe that you can win a general election from the hard left of the ones who are letting the country down, letting the young people down.

“Look at the country going into the left.

WW3 fears: Navy told to ‘pull punches’ after Soviet submarine ‘humiliated’ in UK waters

Previous general election results (Image: Express)

“You can’t win elections from the hard left. You’ve got to run elections from the centre.

“You’ve got to inspire the British people, not young people in school and and the university.

“If you don’t get the voters on-site, then the rest of it is just a joke.”

Earlier today BBC News host Martha Kearney exposed a massive split in the Labour Party during an interview with a Labour MP on Radio 4.

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Labour Party MP for Manchester Central Lucy Powell (Image: Sky News)

Labour MP Lucy Powell said: “I think retreating into a factional based analysis would probably be the worst possible thing we can do at this junction.

“Actually I have found that there is a real appetite amongst Labour members from all different traditions to now actually come together and use this moment of coming together.”

Ms Kearney then pointed out: “Leadership contests aren’t normally the best atmosphere for people to come together and they end up having to take sides don’t they?”

The Labour MP responded: “Yeah unfortunately so and actually also leadership elections often become about superficial issues like peoples’ backgrounds and peoples’ kitchens and spouses and so.

“Rather than necessarily some of these deep challenges.”

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