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League of Legends Wild Rift release date: LoL mobile news and Wild Rift beta latest

League of Legends Wild Rift release news (Image: RIOT GAMES)

The League of Legends Wild Rift release on Android and iOS is aiming to be the biggest launch on mobile platforms in 2020. And while developers at Riot Games are also working on other mobile betas for games like Legends of Runeterra and TfT, Wild Rift looks set to overshadow them all. Reports late last year suggested that closed Wild Rift beta tests were being performed, ahead of any open release.

This followed Riot Games announcing plans to bring a new version of League of Legends to mobile devices and consoles.

But news has dried up since the first reveals and fans are now waiting to hear more about the next phases of development.

A big update is unlikely in January, since Legends of Runeterra only just launched on PC, although we did learn that some of these spin off projects have been in development for years.

This came as part of a wider update regarding League of Legends, Riot Games, and the current health of the company’s development cycles.

As many gamers will remember from the original announcement, Wild Rift will not cross over with the original LoL experience.

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Wild Rift betas start in 2020 on Mobile (Image: RIOT GAMES)

Riot developers said at the time that too many sacrifices would be needed to make things work between platforms, telling fans:

“Adding cross-platform between League PC and Wild Rift would require compromises of competitive integrity, and we want to make sure the gameplay feels fair and fun no matter which platform you’re most comfortable on.

“During certain big moments throughout the year, we’ll try to coordinate event themes and releases between League PC and Wild Rift, and we’re exploring the possibility of cross-platform play between mobile and console, but nothing locked in yet.”

So if Wild Rift is going to be totally different from LoL on PC, some fans are wondering if resources are going to these other projects, LoL Mobile being one of them?

Joking with fans, a communications lead for League of Legends assured fans that all the other games announced in 2019 have their own dedicated teams.

In fact, League of Legends only makes up a fraction of the current Riot team, meaning there’s no need to pull devs from other projects.

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“That’s correct! League of Legends is now finally a dead game. RIP!” the communications lead writes.

“Ok nah, that’s a troll. In all seriousness, we’ve been working on other games for years. In fact, for a very long time, the League of Legends team (including marketing) has accounted for under 20% of Riot’s total headcount.

“Many of the other people in that remaining 80% have been quietly working behind the scenes to develop Riot’s new games and all of the global infrastructures we’ll need to bring new games to the market.

“Others have been working on creative stuff like Arcane, our first animated series. As these Rioters finally get to share their work with you, the League of Legends PC team is going to keep on trucking.

“Buckle up, Summoners. The next 10 years of League of Legends is gonna be even better than the first.”


While Riot Games haven’t provided a full launch schedule, they have provided a rough guide.

League of Legends Wild Rift is to launch on mobile devices in 2020, with consoles set to follow at a later time.

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LoL Mobile: Wild Rift is also going to see a range of alpha and beta tests, some of them starting this year.

Console versions will follow and it sounds like they won’t be arriving until 2021, so perhaps a new game for the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

But at the very least, it sounds like LoL Mobile will be available everywhere in the world by the end of 2020.

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