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Legacy controls have been officially removed

Legacy controls have been officially removed 1

The highly controversial “Legacy” controller settings have been from the game today

As previously reported, Epic Games was expected to remove Legacy look controls from the game. They offered a “grace period” to allow Legacy players to ease into the newer Linear and Exponential controls introduced at the beginning of Chapter 2. Now, that grace period is up

The removal of legacy met a tiny roadblock, as it was previously supposed to be taken out of the game on March 13th. Regardless, Epic noted they would still move forward with plans in “the near future”e

Notable Fortnite leaker Hypex revealed that a hotfix implemented just hours ago was slated to remove Legacy for good

Top controller players that have utilized Legacy controls during their rise to fame are sending F’s in the chat. Wavyjacob and UnknownArmy are just two of the many players absolutely killing the global leaderboards while using Legacy. Both competitors have extensively prepared to switch controls for the day of reckoning

It’s unclear whether Linear or Exponential (the two remaining look controls) will rise to the top as the preferred mode. While it seems as though more comp players are using Linear, both Wavy and Unknown are currently using Exponential. Nickmercs has also been on the record to state that he would never stray away from his Exponential settings

One thing is for certain: mouse and keyboard players will continue to rejoice. The aim assist debate isn’t going anywhere, so removing the absolute laser beam that is L2 should help de escalate the situation

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