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LEGO Super Mario designer reveals wish list pick for next Nintendo set

In August the LEGO Super Mario sets will be hitting shelves, and the latest offering from the beloved Danish toymaker has been four years in the making. A Bluetooth enabled Mario figurine is key to this new upcoming LEGO range, with the iconic plumber able to interact with different parts of a set. Mario’s facial expressions as well as an LED display on his trusty dungarees all change depending on which LEGO blocks the Nintendo icon is placed on.

It looks utterly delightful, and since getting a surprise reveal on MAR10 Day in March the LEGO toys have garnered a huge amount of buzz.

And this week fans found out more about the sets that will be on offer, pricing and the release date.

The LEGO Super Mario range will launch on August 1 with pre-orders for the starter set (which costs just £49.99) open right now.

The first two expansion sets – the Piranha Plant Power Slide and Bowser’s Castle Boss sets – were also unveiled.

The world got their first look at these upcoming new sets in a video posted on YouTube that’s presented by LEGO lead designer Jonathan Bennink.

In the clip Bennink talked about how the LEGO Mario sets will offer a “unique and never seen before way to play and interact with LEGO bricks”.

The LEGO bigwig explained that he had spent the past four years working with Nintendo to co-develop the upcoming range of Mario toys.

And afterwards Express.co.uk were lucky enough to get a chance to talk to Bennink about what the future could hold for the LEGO Nintendo crossover.

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Top of our agenda was trying to find out whether LEGO could follow the Mario set up with other toys themed around other Nintendo franchises.

Bennink was tight lipped saying: “Currently we are all very excited to launch LEGO Super Mario on August 1 this year and we do hope that the partnership with Nintendo is for the long term.

“At this point in time though, we can’t share anything about future products, unfortunately.”

Express.co.uk also asked whether there were any particular Nintendo franchises Bennink would ideally like to turn into a future LEGO set.

And the LEGO lead designer mentioned two iconic series – Star Fox and Zelda.

Bennink said: “I can only speak for me personally, but since I’m a big Star Fox fan, I would love a LEGO Arwing.

“Also, I know that Zelda sets would be very popular at my household and many others.”

The prospect of LEGO sets featuring Fox McCloud or the Hero of Time are tantalising prospects.

And already we’re dreaming up the possibilities of what LEGO’s take on Corneria or Kakariko Village could look like.

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But for now those will just have to be dreams until LEGO confirms whether the Mario toys will be followed up with other Nintendo crossovers.

Bennink also touched on how LEGO will utilise the Bluetooth technology that features prominently in the Mario sets.

Bennink said: “As we look to the future, I’m confident we will leverage more technology based on this platform.

“As for the other technology found in LEGO Mario, such as the special brick sensor, display, speaker and motion sensor, we are very eager to first see what kids off all ages will think of this product line.”

• The LEGO Super Mario sets launch on August 1. Click here to head to the official LEGO website to find out more details on it.

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