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Lewis Capaldi: 'That’s not great' Singer addresses wardrobe mishap at Grammy Awards 2020

Lewis Capaldi: 'That’s not great' Singer addresses wardrobe mishap at Grammy Awards 2020 1

Lewis Capaldi, 23, didn’t leave the laughs at home on Sunday, as he brought his much loved self-deprecating humour with him to the 62nd Grammy Awards 2020 ceremony that was held at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles. He is nominated for his breakthrough hit Someone You Loved”, but during an interview with the official Grammy red carpet presenters, he caught sight of himself on a monitor and he was less than impressed.

After presenters Cassie DiLaura and Alina Vission welcomed the Scottish heart-throb to the red carpet, things quickly turned a corner as he launched a hilarious tirade against his own body.

“How are you feeling, you must feel this is everything?” Cassie asked.

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The singer, who stretched his arm up in a power stance when he was introduced, looked mortified when he realised he could see himself on a screen below the camera.

“I did this and I realised my belly’s quite prominent,” he exclaimed.

“Look at that!”

Confused, the two presenters looked at each other before realising he was referring to the monitors below.

“Oh! He’s watching himself on the monitor,” Cassie laughed, as Lewis could be seen swapping positions, moving from side to side looking at his profile.

“Six months, I’m in my first trimester,” he joked, looking straight into the camera.

“That’s not great,” he said stroking his tummy.

“I wish this screen wasn’t here.”

After a couple of nervous giggles as the hosts were unsure about how to respond to his blatant humour, they branded him an “absolutely character” before they were keen to move on the more important stuff.

“Can we have a series moment though, really quick?” Cassie asked, as Alina looked baffled.

“What does this nomination mean to you?”

“If I can answer that in song,” he began, before using his vocal talent to give a screeching rendition of how much he appreciates being nominated for the prestigious award.

“It means the world to me, I’m a big happy guy with a big fat belly and I’m here to smile and we’re going to the Grammmy’s…” he sang, while trying to get his interviewers involved, which they nervously did.

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The Scottish singer-songwriter found his love for music at the age of four, when he had his first performance at a summer camp.

Nominated in the song of the year category for Someone You Loved, he admitted he doesn’t have any expectations of winning.

Speaking to PEOPLE ahead of participating in Lenovo Legion’s Backstage Battle series, he confessed: “I’m not going to win the Grammy; it’s cool.

“It’s not the end of the world.”


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