Liar season 2: Who killed Andrew Earlham? Full list of suspects revealed

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Season two of Liar started this evening (Monday, March 2) picking up from the cliffhanger at the end of the last series. The ITV show got viewers talking when it first aired in 2017 after Laura Nielson (played by Joanne Froggatt) alleged she’d been raped by doctor Andrew Earlham (Ioan Gruffudd) after they went on a date. After some sleuthing on her part, Laura uncovered Andrew’s shady past as a serial sexual predator.



WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Liar season 2, episode 1

After finding out the truth about his heinous crimes, Laura went to the police and they were quickly hot on the trail of the surgeon.

However, in a shocking twist, Andrew later turned up dead with his throat slit by someone.

The new series continued with this murder mystery and it looks like the six-part series will be playing this out over the following weeks.

The new series opened with the police investigating Andrew’s murders and speaking to a number of possible suspects.

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Liar season 2: Who killed Andrew Earlham? Full list of suspects revealed

Liar season 2 will reveal who killed Andrew Earlham (Image: ITV)

Liar season 2: Who killed Andrew Earlham? Full list of suspects revealed

Liar season 2: Carl Peterson is a potential suspect (Image: ITV)

Who killed Andrew Earlham?

Laura Nielson

Laura has every reason to want to kill Andrew after discovering he raped her.

She didn’t make any bones about taking him down with the help of police officer Vanessa Harmon (Shelley Conn) in season one.

Episode one saw Andrew’s car keys mysteriously turning up at her place which led her to be arrested and the main suspect.

However, Laura protested her innocence and said the keys had been planted there by someone.

Liar season 2: Who killed Andrew Earlham? Full list of suspects revealed

Liar season 2: Ian Davies may have taken revenge for Laura Nielson (Image: ITV)

Ian Davies

Laura’s new boyfriend Ian (Kieran Bew) came under suspicion from the police due to his shady past which saw him assaulting a man called Alexander Slater.

Ian’s attack was so vicious, Alexander ended up in hospital, leading the police to believe something similar may have happened with Andrew.

Thanks to his past, Ian seems highly capable of going after someone he had a vendetta against.

Again, Ian protested his innocence and said he didn’t do it, telling the police the attack on Alexander was due to the horrific crime he’d committed.

Liar season 2: Who killed Andrew Earlham? Full list of suspects revealed

Liar season 2: Laura Nielson is the key suspect (Image: ITV)

Carl Peterson

New character Carl Peterson (Howard Charles) was introduced this evening and was the partner of one of Andrew’s previous victims.

Carl seemed to be suffering from insomnia and slept on the sofa, suggesting he could have a guilty conscience.

Additionally, as he slept on the sofa, his partner wouldn’t be able to tell where he might be during the night and if he murdered Andrew.

Carl seems to represent one of the many people affected by Andrew’s serial sex attacks with the police suggesting there were countless people who could be suspects.

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Tom Bailey

Laura’s ex-boyfriend Tom Bailey (Warren Brown) seemed to conveniently move to Manchester around the time of Andrew’s death.

Like Carl, Tom could be out for revenge against Andrew for what he did to Laura.


Jennifer (Jill Halfpenny) also seemed to look pretty shifty and is another partner who could be out to settle a score with Andrew.

The evil surgeon broke into Jennifer and her girlfriend Vanessa’s house before raping the latter.

Luke Earlham

Andrew’s teenage son Luke Earlham (Jamie Flatters) was another suspect but he seems less likely to have bumped off his father.

If anything, Luke may have even tried to frame Laura for the murder by planting the keys in her home before attempting to take his own life.

Katy Sutcliffe

Laura’s sister Katy (Zoë Tapper) could also have committed the murder to make Andrew pay for what he did.

Katy was on a downward spiral following the breakdown of her marriage when her infidelity was exposed.

She didn’t appear to be functioning as her family life lay in tatters, which could have prompted her to murder Andrew because she had nothing left to lose at this stage.

Also, Katy, looked exhausted – could she be suffering from the guilt of killing Andrew?

Liar season 2 airs on ITV on Mondays at 9pm

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