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Interview – RJ Mitte

RJ Mitte, an actor, is well-known to us all for his role in the hit TV series Breaking Bad as Flynn. The true story behind his new movie, ‘Triumph”, is about a high-school student who has cerebral palsy and wants to join the wrestling team.

Other than ‘Triumph,’ it’s hard to find scripts that feature characters with cerebral palsy…

Because of Breaking Bad fame and my disability, I do receive a lot more scripts in which the main characters of the story are disabled. I was drawn to the story and not just the fact that this main character has a disability similar to mine. Michael Coffey is the author and creator of this character. It’s him. Our goal is to be seen on television and in movies that accurately portray us while still being fun.

This film is one of my favorite films. We took someone’s dreams and made them a reality. This is my favorite form of filmmaking.

Film is set in 1980s, and shows the attitudes and views of that time. Is it a film that made you reconsider how disability issues evolved since 1980?

Yes, it’s a different time. In reality, Michael was treated a bit more harshly back in those days than what is shown in this story. We need to keep in mind that there is a positive and a negative evolution of the past, present, and future. Every action can have an opposite reaction. This is something I believe in. Focusing on the positive aspect of each reaction is what I do.

This film examines whether Michael should have the ability to wrestle, or be prevented from doing so by being banned…

Everybody should be able to choose what they wish to do, regardless of whether someone believes that they can do it. You won’t be able to tell what someone can do unless they give it a shot.

Everyone has been hurt. If you tell someone young that you cannot achieve your goal or that you won’t be able to achieve it, this is emotionally harmful. Instead, it should be: OK. We’ll do our best not to make you suffer, but we won’t let you die.

Many people view disability as weakness or illness. They think it makes them weaker, that they are fragile, that is something we must overcome, and that there’s no cure. But to me, the truth is quite the opposite. Disability is something I consider a strength. It is the ability to understand, power, and gain knowledge. Understanding others is not enough. It also requires understanding oneself and the ability to grow within.

Do you find it annoying that there are so many scripts about disability-related stories? Or, do you see it as an opportunity to be the disabled poster boy and look at all those scripts?

I am in the middle of…

Yes, it is true. I think about it, and I wonder if I ever wanted to represent a character with disabilities.

You wouldn’t be able to see them if I didn’t do them. While I strive to find common ground, I am not only trying to be this character. I do also have an obligation. These types of people are not often seen in media. Although I am aware of people with disabilities, it’s not something that I often see. I believe most people are unaware how common it can be to have one. It is the role I want to portray. It is not the right character, but it should be. Yes.

The wrestling scenes in the movie looked great…

Before Triumph, I had never done Greco-Roman style grappling. Two amazing coaches taught me fundamentals, and I worked very hard to make the sport look real and hardcore.

When it came down to who this character was, the physicality of wrestling was to play a pivotal role in the film. He wanted this character to do it, so he started working out, he trained, and finally pinned him. But nobody expected it to end up where it was.

Did you get hurt at all?

Although I was not hurt, I can’t say I emerged unscathed.

I’m sure you are a Paralympics enthusiast…

Yes, it is. For the Rio Paralympics, I was a volunteer with Channel 4 in the UK. You see so much that is pivotal for our society and shows what we can achieve. Paralympians are a great example of what we can do. You see wheelchair users, amputees and people with disabilities all around you.

People with knives are stoking the fire! The Olympics are my favorite example of where human evolution is at its peak. But the Paralympics will be the next step. Paralympics have much less funding but they are all about commitment and heart. They are my future. It is time to stop seeing people with disabilities as being sick, disabled or an liability, and instead look at them as human evolution and adaptability to their environment.

Can you see the parallels between Paralympics events and everyday problems?

Keep going, keep your eyes on the prize and do what you love. It was a great opportunity for me to be able to find this job. You just need to not lose your mind, push forward, and allow the opportunities come at you. That’s what I do each day. It’s all about trying to get work done, keeping my hands busy, and making sure my insurance is paid. That’s it.

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Horoscopes & Love: Virgo is destined to a ‘lifelong relationship’, but they must be careful not to make rash judgments

According to Virgos are “hardworking and in search of star love. The kind that allows souls and minds to seamlessly combine”.

They can sometimes be described as being picky because they want the right match. Experts argue that they know exactly what they are after and will not settle until they do.

Sometimes Virgos can become irritable. This is because their brains are wired to keep their hearts protected.

Virgo watches his or her partner closely during any first courtship, which can feel slow and tedious.

Link” data-name=”Supermarket shoppers warned over food price rises this Christmas” href=”” target=”_blank”>Supermarket shoppers warned over food price rises this Christmas

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Here are seven tips that will help you ‘get your house ready for autumn’: How to make your house look great in the fall

Link” href=”” rel=”tag” target=”_blank”>cleaning the whole house.

Autumn is a great time for a home-cleaning. Kathryn Hall (founder of Kath & Kin) said that “It is an annual tradition for many to blitz their house every March but it’s just as important to change the season from warmer to cooler months.

It is even more crucial.

Summer bedding

Some people might have chosen lighter duvets in the summer, but as temperatures drop, it will become necessary to use warmer bedding.

You can take out summer bedding and replace it with a warm duvet.

Kathryn recommended vacuum-packing summer bedding that has been cleaned before you store it away.

Dates to be checked in the medicine cabinet

It is easy to forget about the date of your medicine. Therefore, it is important that you dispose of any expired items and replace them with essentials.

Windows and doors

It’s easier to give the windows and front doors a clean than it is to have them cleaned during winter.

It’s important to check that the windows are properly fitted when cleaning them. This will ensure that heat doesn’t escape in the winter months.

Kathryn recommended cleaning out a child’s room after completing a clean-out.

This is a great opportunity to sweep under your bed and clean up furniture.

She recommended sorting out any items that could be donated, or being thrown away.

Kathryn stated that autumn doesn’t always have to mean cold nights or long dark days. Get your house ready for autumn and enjoy all that it has to offer.

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Are you eligible to receive a free flu jab You can get both your flu jab and the Covid booster vaccine all in one shot

Link” href=”” rel=”tag” target=”_blank”>Covid vaccine booster scheme is due to start in the coming weeks, with the 81 percent of the UK population who have already had two jabs being offered a third. Link” href=”” rel=”noreferrer nofollow” target=”_blank”> reveals who is eligible for a free

Are you eligible to receive a flu shot 2021 for free?

Every year, the NHS offers the flu vaccine in autumn and early winter to prevent the spread of the virus.

You should get your flu shot this year. Even if the flu isn’t a problem for you, it can make you more susceptible to serious illness.

According to the NHS, getting vaccinated against flu and Covid-19 can protect you and your family from these severe illnesses.

Link” href=”” target=”_blank”>Dementia diet: 3 foods to remove which may help reduce risk

Who can get the Covid booster vaccination?

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation has declared that the booster rollout for these groups will commence this month:

  • Residents who live in senior care homes
  • All adults over 50
  • Frontline social and health care workers
  • All those between 16 and 49 who have underlying medical conditions which put them at greater risk for severe COVID-19
  • Adult household contacts for immunosuppressed people

Pfizer will administer the vaccine regardless of which jab was used for doses 1 and 2.

The group stated that a “half-dose” of Moderna vaccine could be available. For those who have received the AstraZeneca vaccine previously, but cannot get mRNA vaccines, such as allergies or asthma, it may be possible to offer them the AstraZeneca vaccination.


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JVCI updated their advice regarding the COVID-19 booster program, which advised that a booster dose of vaccine should be administered no sooner than six months following the completion of the initial vaccine course.

Professor Wei Shen Lim is the Chair of COVID-19 Immunization for the JCVI. He stated: “The UK’s COVID-19 vaccine programme has been enormously successful in protecting people from hospitalisation and even death. The main purpose of the booster program is to extend that protection and decrease serious diseases as we move towards the winter months.

The JCVI recommends that a booster be given to those most vulnerable to maximize individual protection against an unpredicted winter.

We strongly recommend that they also take advantage of the flu shot, which is available to most of them.

Everyone should receive the Pfizer BioNTech, regardless of what vaccine brand was used for their first or second doses.

The COV-BOOST trial, which demonstrated that Pfizer BioNTech vaccine was well tolerated and provided a strong boost response, led to this decision.

A half-dose of Moderna vaccine may be an option. However, the AstraZeneca vaccination is not recommended for people who have had allergic reactions to other vaccines.

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To avoid the ‘worst nightmare, Kate Middleton modified Princess Diana’s PS400k Engagement Ring.

It would have taken great care not to damage the stunning Sapphire stone or the surrounding diamond halo. These two elements are what made this amazing ring unique.

This ring was once the property of Prince William, his late mother. He would not have allowed it to be altered in any way, nor would the Duchess.

This ring was originally chosen by Princess Diana herself. It reportedly reminded her of her mother’s engagement ring and also matches her eyes.

It would have been approximately PS28,000.50 in 1981, according to The Court Jeweller. The value of the item has fluctuated between PS350,000 to PS400,000 since it was included in Kate’s collection.

Kate wears this ring now alongside her gorgeous wedding ring made of Welsh gold.

Beaverbrooks has a replica of her engagement ring that is very close to it for just PS3,750.

According to “The Diana Story”, Kate almost didn’t get the ring she received from her mother-in law.

This is because Prince Harry owned the beautiful piece of jewelry.

Paul Burrell, Diana’s ex-butler, spoke about how Harry gave the ring up “selflessly”, so that William could gift it to Diana when he proposed.

Kate isn’t the only royal bride to have altered her engagement rings. Meghan Markle, however, also modified the ring that Prince Harry gave her.

In June 2019, the Duchess revealed that she had completely redesigned her stunning engagement ring. Its original gold band was removed and replaced with a delicate, diamond-studded band. This completely changed the ring’s look.

This glowing band perfectly complimented her Botswana-diamond and two other diamonds from Princess Diana.

To celebrate Meghan and Prince Harry’s first anniversary, a third addition to Meghan’s collection was made. It was an eternity ring by Prince Harry.

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“Works great”: Mrs Hinch’s fans share their best tips for improving kitchen tin tray appearances

Link” href=”” rel=”tag” target=”_blank”>Cleaning enthusiast

Another suggested: “Really hot water, dishwasher tablets.”

A person said: “As a child, I was taught that you are not supposed to clean them. Just wipe it down with some kitchen paper.”

Another said, “Wash it out as quickly as you can before the oil dries. Or soak in Elbow Grease to remove it.”

A group member suggested using a Brillopad.

Another said, “Always soak” before washing them.

I soak the sponge for about an hour, then rinse it with plain water.

Online user wrote: “I will be truthful, my trays are my grandmother’s. These trays have been around for over 50 years in an unremarkable condition.

We wash them in warm soapy water, then dry them. If friends come over to visit us, we use our muffin cases. You can grease the muffin cases if they are not already lightly greased.

Another person said, “A little bit of scaring while cooking won’t hurt anyone.” Happy baking.”

A group member wrote: “Don’t be concerned about markings on baking tins.

They won’t impact your baking. They’re almost black but they don’t affect my baking.

A group member suggested that oil could be sprayed on a tray of tin, and added: “I would only grease them with butter in the future. Then you can wipe with a damp cloth once they have cooled, or soak in warm, water, and wipe.”

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Foxden British Burgers – Review

Last updated September 13, 2021

Fulham’s Foxden offers British Burgers with No Fuss

If you love a great burger, Foxden should be on your list. You can find them right off Fulham Broadway at Jerdan Place. With outside tables and a bright blue awning you won’t be able to miss them. This restaurant specializes in British food and is known for its simple, straightforward approach to cooking.

It tastes fantastic! The burgers from Foxden are amazing and only cost PS8. We tried “The Foxden”. This burger is a towering stack of beef pulled and British grass-fed beef patties, with a creamy truffle cheese sauce and sweet caramelized onions. Rocket and soft rolls are added to the mix. Other burger options include chicken, duck and vegan. There is something for everybody.

The ‘Foxbox,’ a fantastic alternative to burgers, is available. You can choose to have grilled chicken free-range or bavette steak with your preferred side dish and sauce. It was perfectly cooked and finished with a spicy chimichurri sauce that added a touch of heat to the dish.

Foxden offers a wide range of side dishes starting at PS3.50. We tried both the pulled beef nuggets and rosti bits. We loved the Foxden’s BBQ sauce and the crispy rosti bites. The pulled beef nuggets tasted great with it. This is a great way to change up the usual burger-and-fries combo. You can also opt for lighter alternatives such as tenderstem broccoli or superfood salad.

Take a look at these cocktails to quench your thirst. Foxden has a huge list and puts their own twist on traditional drinks. The ‘Den Mojito” was refreshing, delicious and arrived in a Foxden cup. This is a great addition to your restaurant experience. You can buy your Foxden cup on PS5 to keep the memories alive.

Foxden is the best place to get British burgers. However, you don’t have to go there in person. Foxden offers home delivery so you can still enjoy Foxden’s delicious food. You can order online from Foxden or use their delivery service. We are self-certified burger connoisseurs and will definitely order in, or return to Fulham to sample them all.

Foxden restaurant

24 Jerdan Place




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Low cholesterol: 25p herb proves to be lower Cholesterol levels at 10%

Low cholesterol: 25p herb proves to be lower
Cholesterol levels at 10%

A high level of cholesterol refers to a higher concentration of the fatty substance cholesterol in your body. High levels of cholesterol can cause a blockage in your blood vessels, reducing the supply of oxygen to your heart. This mechanism can contribute to heart disease. This mechanism can lead to life-threatening complications. It is important to find ways to stop it.

They found that supplementation with aged garlic extract (AGE), was more effective than placebo in lowering total cholesterol and LDL levels in hypercholesterolemic subjects. This result was confirmed in double-blind placebo-controlled trials.

LDL cholesterol, which builds up on your arteries, is often referred to as the “bad” cholesterol.

Furthermore, the plasma levels of total cholesterol were reduced by 15% when AGE was added to animal diets.

Researchers believe that garlic’s cholesterol-lowering properties can be explained by water-soluble compounds in it, which “inhibit” cholesterol formation.

You cannot depend on one item alone to lower high cholesterol.

Many foods can help lower cholesterol.

The cholesterol charity Heart UK says that cutting down on saturated fat and substituting some with unsaturated fats can help lower cholesterol.

Butter, coconut oil, and other saturated fats can be hardened at room temperature.

These are some foods that contain unsaturated fats:

  • Vegetable oils include sunflower, corn and rapeseed oils. Nut oils are also available.
  • Avocado, seeds and nuts
  • Fat spreads from vegetable oils such as olive and sunflower oil
  • Oily fish

Heart UK notes that oil fish is a great source of healthy, unsaturated fats.

The charity suggests that you aim for two servings of fish each week. At least one portion should be oily.

A portion of 140g is the maximum, however you can have two to three portions during the week.

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