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Florence Nightingale gardens to honor modern-day Florence Nightingale RHS Chelsea Flower Show nurses

Florence Nightingale gardens to honor modern-day Florence Nightingale
RHS Chelsea Flower Show nurses

Angellica Bell, BBC One’s presenter, spoke with the designer of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show about the theme he chose and the member of trust that sponsored it. Due to pandemics, the prestigious event was moved to September 21-26.

During the show, Angellica spoke to Dame Christine Beasley, a former chief nursing officer from The Burdett Trust for Nursing who has sponsored the project.

Dame Beasley referred to Florence Nightingale, the pioneer of modern nursing practice and social reform as a “remarkable lady”.

The project will reflect her pioneering efforts, but it will also recognize how she has inspired change.

Christine said that they didn’t want to just look back but also wanted to see the future.

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According to the former chief nurse officer, Florence was a “miracle flower collector” which is why a number of her pressed flowers are on display at the museum.

Christine said that Florence was aware of the positive effects nature has on mental health.

Christine said that she strongly connected it to the power and beauty of nature. She was not only interested in flowers for their medicinal properties, but also because she observed that those who had been exposed to nature saw a positive change in their mental well-being.

Robert Meyers, who was responsible for the design of the garden, had started the work in 2019. However the pandemic caused the event to be postponed in 2020.

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Robert stated that while Florence’s contribution to the Crimean War has been often highlighted, he also explained that Florence’s work following that war was equally important.

He said, “In a sense her legacy is more about what happened afterward.”

The Florence Nightingale Garden is a celebration of modern-day nursing. Its name is The Florence Nightingale Garden.

Robert said that she had the idea of designing pavilion-shaped hospitals.

Robert explained that the idea behind the pavilion style was that patients were provided with plenty of light, space and fresh air to aid their recovery.

According to the garden designer, this project will be “a modern interpretation of a Florence Nightingale Pavilion”.

Fox Gloves will be featured in the garden, which were a favorite of Florence.

The flower is only in season in spring. Robert stated that he hopes the flower can still be used in the garden as a seadhead.

Robert said that he believes it is important that the plant be present in the garden.

The garden will feature plants from Florence’s flower and herbal collection, which she kept in her nursing bag.

The garden will then be planted and established on the grounds of St Thomas Hospital.

Dame Beasley said that St Thomas’ was “a fitting place”, as Florence established her first nursing school there.

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Low cholesterol: Unusual signs of high cholesterol Your levels may be too high

Low cholesterol: Unusual signs of high cholesterol
Your levels may be too high

Is it possible to see this? Changes to your vision can be a sign your cholesterol is creeping up to dangerous levels. These three symptoms are not common signs that high cholesterol is affecting your vision and eyesight.

A high cholesterol level is a warning sign you should make lifestyle changes quickly before your risk of a stroke or heart attack.

The British Heart Foundation states that high cholesterol levels are linked to one-fourth of deaths in the UK from cardiovascular and circulatory disease.

Cholesterol, a fat substance found in the blood, is called cholesterol. Cholesterol is a fatty substance that your body needs for many functions. However, too much cholesterol can cause blockages in blood vessels and lead to serious health problems.

High cholesterol is caused by a fatty diet, insufficient exercise, obesity, excessive smoking, and too much alcohol.

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High cholesterol can affect many individuals in the UK, but it is not easy to identify because of the lack of obvious signs.

After a test by their doctor, most people are diagnosed with high cholesterol.

High cholesterol may cause eye problems. These are signs to be aware of.

Near the eyes, yellow lumps

High cholesterol could indicate yellowish-yellow bumps on your skin or your bridge.

The phenomenon known as arcus-senilis is due to cholesterol reaching the cornea (the clear outer layer) of your eyes.

Although not everyone with arcus can develop it, you should get checked if this is something that’s troubling.

One eye may experience blurred vision, or even loss of sight.

A blockage of the vein carrying blood to the retina (the back of the eye that senses light) can result in high cholesterol.

This can lead to a condition called “eye stroke” or “retinal vein obstruction”.

Retinal vein occlusion can cause blurry vision, vision changes in one eye, vision floaters, and discomfort in the affected eye.

Retinal vein occlusions can be corrected, although vision may not return to normal.

Consult a doctor immediately if you think you may have a retinal vein obstruction or are experiencing floating eyes.

How do you get your cholesterol tested?

You should get your cholesterol checked if you have any concerns or if you notice the above symptoms.

Your GP can check your cholesterol or a pharmacist.

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You can live longer by taking fewer steps Take a daily vitamin D supplement to prolong your life expectancy

You can live longer by taking fewer steps
Take a daily vitamin D supplement to prolong your life expectancy

The additional benefits of longevity were associated with taking 2,000 steps more during activity bouts.

The minimum amount of steps required to enjoy the health benefits associated with walking is 1000 steps per day, even though it may be done in brief bursts.

Because the women who participated were mostly non-Hispanic, older white women, more research was needed to confirm that the results are applicable to them.

  • Men
  • Younger women
  • Different ethnicities.

According to the American Heart Association, moderate exercise should be attained for 150 minutes per day.

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Vauxhall, Lancia and Lancia were the former hosts of Fifth Gear. four unique classic cars

Vauxhall, Lancia and Lancia were the former hosts of Fifth Gear.
four unique classic cars

Jonny Smith spoke exclusively to and said that quirky cars don’t have to be expensive. Jonny Smith said that there are many “rare cars” that aren’t as desirable, but are great vehicles.

Parkers estimates that the used value for this model is between PS4,600 to PS8,500.

Lancia Stratos

Smith stated that it was a less-known car than a generation would know.

It was designed for homologation. Because they must conform to a set of rules, homologation cars can be quite eccentric and sometimes they are not profitable for the manufacturer.

They spend money on building this car to be a winner at motorsport, but strangely enough in history, they fail to sell well and the company is unable or unwilling to pay them back.

“It’s unique, but it’s great.” These aren’t really worth much, but they’re awesome.

You can drive around a car that was built in the 1990s, but it looks like it’s 50. I believe it deserves more attention.”

Algys Autos stated that a Pao good condition is valued at more than PS5,000.

Aston Martin Lagonda

Smith stated that it still appears as if the spaceship had beamed down its contents. Although I was not there at the launch, I am fascinated by it.

It’s just one car that has been neglected for many years. Although it was the Aston Martin everyone wanted, I now think it’s the ideal vehicle to convert to electric vehicles.

It’s the oddest of styling. The interior has the most bizarre of design with the digital dash that never worked, even though it was brand new.

It’s still so amazing after all these years.

Lagonda models are available for purchase at Classic Trader for prices between PS55,000.00 and PS120,000.

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Menopause symptoms: These are the two earliest symptoms. The production of hormones is declining

Menopause symptoms: These are the two earliest symptoms.
The production of hormones is declining

As hormone levels drop, symptoms can begin to appear during the climacteric period. Menstrual periods may still be regular at this stage, but two signs of the impending menopause include night sweats and mood changes. According to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, mood changes can be attributed to a decline in progesterone and oestrogen levels. The organisation said that mood swings can also be caused by night sweats and lack of sleep.

Women’s experiences in the period leading up to menopause can be affected by lifestyle factors such as exercise and diet.

The average UK age at which a woman can reach menopause in her 50s is 51.

Women can experience the natural symptoms of menopause between 45 and 55.

The urge to go to the bathroom more often may increase as oestrogen levels fall.


Urination discomfort can also lead to bladder leakage and more infections of the urinary tract (UTIs).

It is possible for the skin to become more dry and more prone to bruising.

The NHS said that “unwanted facial hair growth could also be caused by a lack of estrogen.”

You might also experience the following symptoms:

  • Sometimes itchy skin and the sensation that someone is crawling onto them
  • Lightheadedness/dizziness
  • Feeling tingling in your arms and legs
  • A burning sensation in your mouth
  • Tinnitus
  • Tenderness of the breasts (although they might shrink slightly)
  • Fatigue
  • Gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhoea and wind, indigestion and wind, and bloating
  • Allergies are on the rise
  • Modification in the body odour
  • Bleeding gums
  • Modifications to the fingernails
  • Unspecified feelings of fear or dread.

It is important to exercise to stay healthy after menopause. Evidence suggests that a more active lifestyle can lead to fewer perimenopausal symptoms.

The NHS is certified that aerobic, sustained, and consistent exercises, such as running, biking, and swimming, are the best.

You should avoid exercising for at least two hours before going to bed.

It’s when a woman experiences 12 consecutive months without periods that it is called post-menopause.

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Taken too often: High blood pressure can cause four unwanted side effects Hypertensive medications for common conditions

Taken too often: High blood pressure can cause four unwanted side effects
Hypertensive medications for common conditions

Pancreatitis is usually treated by hospital admission. You may receive fluids into your veins, pain relief and oxygen through a tube inside your nose.

After prompt treatment, most people can leave the hospital in a matter of days.

The research by the American Heart Association – which is published in the journal Hypertension – also highlighted another side effect.

You are 18% more likely to get bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract if you take ACE inhibitors than if your taking ARBs.

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How to manage diabetes: There are five ways you can balance your blood sugar and minimize the risk of developing it Risk of Alzheimer’s

How to manage diabetes: There are five ways you can balance your blood sugar and minimize the risk of developing it
Risk of Alzheimer's

She added that “Or any vegetable protein, like quinoa or legumes (in form of chickpea-hummus, for example), nuts (nut butters such as almond butter are good) and seeds.”


Dr Glenville warned that white wine has more sugar than red when it comes to choosing your poison.

A white wine spritzer, made with sparkling mineral water, is better than full glasses of red wine.

Although spirits don’t contain sugar, mixers often do. Be aware, however, that alcohol can spike blood sugar.

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Horoscopes Taurus: Taurus could be a ‘first’ sign and is considered ‘charming. Today’s class connection to someone

Horoscopes Taurus: Taurus could be a 'first' sign and is considered 'charming.
Today's class connection to someone

Every star sign of the zodiac is unique in their needs and qualities when it comes finding and staying in love. The bull represents Taurus, which is the second sign of the zodiac. said that going out on your first date with Taurus could be like a job interview because of this trait.

Astrology experts stated that they are not rude. They’re looking for partners and trying to determine if the two of you will be a good match at the beginning.

You can forget all white lies once you start dating Taurus.

Tauruses would rather have unflattering compliments than hear about an inappropriate outfit.


Taurus can hold grudges against anyone who lies even though it is a lie to make them happy. said that Taurus loves to be loved and given. However, their partner must step up and make sure they give as much as they get pleasure from it.

Although Tauruses are detail-oriented, they don’t want to offend.

They expect only the best and will not compromise their standards.

Astrologers have predicted the future for Taureans as summer turns to autumn.

According to, “If you are in a relationship with Venus (September 10), expect it to become steamy.”

Your ruling planet will visit your partner zone over the next four week, encouraging you and others to work together.

It’s great for reaching deals, but it is important to not manipulate anyone to achieve what you desire.”

The article added that “Loving Venus and Scorpio at the end of the week could bring out jealousies or insecurities.”

Is it a deliberate act of your crush to avoid you? Before you think the worst, confirm what suspicions you have.

“The sun leaves Virgo, a fellow earth sign, and enters Libra on September 22nd. This is an energy that Libra and you share romantic Venus.

You are charming, and you should attract someone physically attractive to you.”

Today, September 11, was predicted by astrology professionals: “The planet configuration could bring to your life the spark of passion you’ve been longing for but have never believed possible.”

You don’t have to be anything other than yourself. There are people out there who love you exactly as you are.

It doesn’t matter how you meet, it won’t be second class.

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UK calls for mandatory car dash cameras “Time to act is now”

UK calls for mandatory car dash cameras
"Time to act is now"

The Department for Transport statistics show that there were approximately 1,580 road fatalities in the twelve months ending June 2020. This includes three months of a national lockdown. There were 24,470 killed or seriously injured casualties in reported road traffic accidents for the year ending June 2020.

This is an 11 percent decrease compared with the year ended June 2019. However, a quarter was locked down when road crime plummeted.

At all severity levels, the total casualties were 131 200.

The UK is legal to use dash cams. They can be used in many cases to protect drivers and help with insurance claims.

The dash cam should not be in the way of the driver’s vision when driving.

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A spokesperson for spoke of the need for dash cams for the sake of driver and pedestrian safety.

Then they said, “Up and Down the Country every day, hundreds of incidents occur on our roads that result in minor, major, or even fatal injuries or death.”

We would love to see the Government mandate that every driver has a dash camera in their car as an additional layer of protection to themselves, passengers, and other road users.

On average, 67 people are seriously hurt or killed every day on UK roads – this is 67 people whose lives have been destroyed along with their families.

We feel now is the right time to take action.

Mandatory dash cameras are designed to increase road safety. It also encourages safer driving.

For incidents on UK roads, police are asking increasingly for dash camera footage.

Many cases have been reported in media that dash camera footage was used to combat carjacking and road rage.

For example, car-sharing motorists must notify everyone who has one if they have a dash camera installed. This can sometimes record audio and video inside their vehicle.

If road users violate traffic rules, their dashcam footage may be recorded and used against them.

The national dashcam safety portal is also available to drivers. This allows dashcam owners to quickly submit their footage to any authorities.

You can purchase dash cameras from many high-street retailers and most online shops starting at PS25.

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Holiday Inn London – Camden Lock

Last updated September 10, 2021

Explore Camden and The Holiday Inn

Camden Town is a place that brings back memories from my youth. I remember lazy afternoons wandering through the maze of market stalls while listening to late-night boozy music at various venues, including the Roundhouse and the Electric Ballroom. It was a great pleasure to receive an invitation to stay at the Holiday Inn in Camden.


The Holiday Inn Camden Lock is an IHG 4 star Hotel. It’s centrally located in Camden Town, it was great fun. The hotel overlooks Camden’s beautiful Regents Canal, and it is ideal for exploring the rest of the area.

Holiday Inn Camden lobby

We were greeted warmly upon entering the lobby. Then, we took the elevator to the fifth floor and found our Penthouse Room. It was simple and clean, with only a comfortable bed and two leather chairs.

Holiday Inn Camden bedroom

Everything we required was provided, including a TV mounted on the wall, mini-fridge and iron. There were also free Wi-Fi and coffee and tea making facilities. It was spotless and had a bath, shower and large washing area that included Geneva Guild products.

Holiday Inn Camden bathroom

But the best part was still to come. When I stepped out onto the large corner terrace, I was awestruck by London’s spectacular view and bird’s-eye view of the canal below. This is the perfect spot to relax and prepare for an exciting night.

Holiday Inn Camden terrace

Camden Hells beer and snack were kept in the mini-fridge. We enjoyed our beers on the terrace while taking in the stunning view. If it was too cold to go outside, the mini-fridge had enough food and snacks so you could still lie down on the bed while taking in the views through the windows that ran the length of the space.


The mezzanine level served breakfast, which included a variety of cereals and pastries, as well as continental cheeses and meats. Friendly and accommodating staff offered cooked pancakes or omelettes upon request.

Holiday Inn Camden dining

The lobby’s ground floor also has a restaurant and bar area. Here you can enjoy all day dining, including snacks, dips and toasted sandwiches as well as burgers, salads, and sandwhiches. You can return to Holiday Inn when you’re done exploring and you won’t have to worry about finding a place to eat.

Camden Lock

Camden: Explore

Camden Tube Station is a short walk away. The hotel can be reached easily from the West End attractions and entertainment by walking only 4 minutes. All three stations of the Euston, King’s Cross, and St Pancras International trains are within a few minutes by bus or tube. It’s also a short walk from London’s Regent’s Park, London Zoo and London’s stunning Central Station. There are many things to do right outside your door!


Camden was a residential neighborhood since 1790s. It became bustling in London after the Grand Union Canal was built and the rails were improved. Camden, one of London’s most famous areas is vibrant and colourful. Camden is perhaps most well-known for its vibrant street markets and street art, as well as the vibrant music scene.

Camden punk

This is a place for counter-culture – teenagers, punks, and goths are all there in full force. Street markets and shops sell alternative clothing, jewelry, and other curiosities.

Camden Market

Camden Market actually consists of several markets, each one with its own unique feel: Camden Lock Village and Camden Lock Market; The Stables Market; Buck Street Village. On weekends, the streets bustle with tourists and locals looking for alternatives. Street food vendors emit wonderful aromas that waft down the streets. You can either take in the sights and feel the vibe or go on a relaxing walk or picnic along the canal to enjoy the tranquility and watch the boats pass by.


You can find many more restaurants, shops and places along High Street. This includes a brand new leisure and retail destination, Hawley Wharf Camden, which opened in August. Hawley Wharf, London’s latest development after lockdown, offers both independent retailers and 10 London-based restaurants.


Camden is known for its vibrant nightlife scene. There are many charming bars, pubs and other great venues. These are some of my favourite music venues, all located within walking distance of the Holiday Inn.

Jazz Cafe, an award-winning restaurantA live music rotation that focuses on the best of Jazz, Funk, and Electronic music.
The RoundhouseThe iconic location hosts everything from big music events and dance to comedy, circus and other exhibitions.
Dublin CastleIt was a famous venue in late 1970s when Madness and later Amy Winehouse played there. This place is well-known for its support of up-and-coming bands and artists.
DingwallsIt was an old haunt in my teens, twenties and for me. So it is great to still see it in action. It was the first to be built. The longest bar in London was used by Pink Floyd members. Later, The Sex Pistols, Blondie and The Clash were frequent visitors.
Electric BallroomIt was built in 1930 and survived the bombings of World War II. The iconic venue hosted many famous musicians in the past, including Joy Division and Sid Vicious. The venue still hosts live bands and club nights.
Camden AssemblyThe Barfly, formerly known as the Barfly, is an indie hangout that hosts regular clubs nights and showcases up-and-coming talent.
Lock TavernChalk Farm Road is a dance and indie music venue. However, you will also find some soul, folk and hip-hop.
O2 Forum Kentish TownThe venue is large enough to hold approximately 2,500 people. Prince and Oasis are two of the many stars that have graced this stage.
KokoIt is now a modern, state-of the-art venue. The Palace Theatre was once known as The Music Machine. The venue is still a legend in music, with such stars as Madonna and The Clash as well as the Sex Pistols, Iron Maiden, and The Sex Pistols.


Contemporary art exhibits are a great option if you’re looking for something more cultural.The Cob GalleryExplore Jewish Life at TheJewish MuseumVisitCamden Arts CentreThis attracts the best artists.

Camden Lock

Camden, a quirky and charming neighbourhood, is where many famous people have lived from the past to the present.

Camden Lock

Camden is the crown jewel of the capital’s tourism industry. It is a bustling, vibrant area in London that offers many things to do. The Holiday Inn Camden Lock is the ideal central base. It’s just a stones throw away from all the attractions and services in the vicinity.

Holiday Inn London – Camden Lock
30 Jamestown Road
Camden Town


United Kingdom

TEL: 020 745 4343

Check in at 2:45pm
Get Out at 11AM

Lucy was guest at The Holiday Inn Camden Lock

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