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Daily horoscope for March 29: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Daily horoscope for March 29: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast
The Moon spends the day in Libra, giving you and objective view. You will feel level headed today, so use that calm to take on the challenges of the day ahead. But not all will be as it seems and you should not be afraid to question.
By probing just a little bit, you will see that not all is what it seems beneath the surface.

Take some time out of your day to focus on what can and cannot be trusted.

If you think something is too good to be true, then chances are you are right.

But do not get carried away with the Sun being in Aries. This can ignite your passions, but try and keep it under wraps.

However, Jupiter is in Aquarius, which will allow you to keep your eyes on the prize.

It is okay to go against the grain today and do your own thing.

But Jupiter in Aquarius also brings with it a sense of belonging, so you may feel conflicted.

Stop for a moment and learn to appreciate those around you who you trust.

The trust and love of a good friend will be important to you today, especially if you are taking a hard stance thanks to the Libra Moon.

Horoscope Friends said: “Don’t believe everything you hear today, as some of it may be half true and some a complete fabrication.

“Need advice? Make sure it’s from a legitimate source. If you’re offered an opportunity, it can pay to look into the details and scrutinise the small print.

“You do have an advantage though. As you’ll sense what others are thinking, even if they don’t say it out loud.

“Your ability to tune in could help you take inspired action or say the right thing at the right time, netting you a golden opportunity.”

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How to make Easter egg nests: Recipe for Easter egg nest cakes

How to make Easter egg nests: Recipe for Easter egg nest cakes
One baked good that’s guaranteed to impress your friends and family is actually one of the simplest to make. Easter egg nests can be made with minimal ingredients and you can chop and change some to suit your dietary needs or general preferences.

How to make Easter egg nests

This recipe will take you fifteen minutes and uses Shredded Wheat, which can be swapped out for Frosties, corn flakes or other alternatives.

For a dozen adorable Easter egg nests you’ll need the following:


100g Shredded Wheat

Melt the milk chocolate, golden syrup and butter in a small glass bowl over a saucepan of gently simmering water.

Stir regularly with a wooden spoon until the mixture is completely melted and glossy with no lumps.

Break up the Shredded Wheat into small pieces in a large bowl using your hands.

Pour the melted chocolate mixture into the bowl with the Shredded Wheat and mix with the wooden spoon until all the Shredded Wheat is covered in the melted chocolate.

Although this recipe opts for milk chocolate, you can always swap out for white chocolate, dark chocolate or a vegan alternative.

This recipe uses Shredded Wheat but this can easily be swapped for other cereal such as cornflakes or even Rice Krispies.

It should be noted that by using something other than Shredded Wheat you will get chunkier nests, but they will still look just as impressive for Easter.

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Why does Easter change every year? Easter 2021 date

Why does Easter change every year? Easter 2021 date
Easter is just around the corner and many of us are already gearing up for the celebrations, stockpiling chocolate eggs and planning treasure hunts for the kids. The holiday falls at the start of April in 2021, but always changes its dates year on year. 
Although a Christian holiday at its core, Easter has been commercialised over the years and is now typically celebrated by everyone in the UK, much like Christmas.

But why does the holiday always fall on different dates and is there any signifiance to it?

We reveal all you need to know…

When is Easter weekend in 2021?

This year, Easter weekend falls on April 2 to April 5.

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This is down to the holiday always having to fall a set amount of time after Lent and Mother’s Day, with all the Christian occasions influencing each other’s date on the calendar.

All the main Spring occasions in the Christian calendar fall on a Sunday, which is why the dates aren’t always consistent year on year.

What is Easter and why is it celebrated?

Easter Sunday is the culmination of the Christian celebration of Holy Week which signifies the period of Lent.

Lent started in mid-February and is the period in which those participating tend to ‘give up’ or sacrifice something until the Easter period begins.

Many choose to give up things such as chocolate or alcohol for Lent, but the period is meant to be honouring all Jesus Christ gave up for his people, and is in some way a form of mourning his crucifixion.

Easter however, is a joyful celebration because it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which happened on what is now called Easter Sunday.

Easter is considered by many to be the most important Christian celebration, with the Sunday itself as the most holy day.

This is down to Jesus himself being spotted on that day, and for days after, following his cruel death.

Traditions such as the Easter roasts and giving up things for Lent all derive from Christian traditions, however, not all Easter practices come from the religion.

Other symbols linked to the holiday such as the Easter bunny or coloured eggs come from Paganism.

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Low Traffic Neighbourhoods to cause 'congestion' and 'frustrate' locals warns Nick Freeman

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods to cause 'congestion' and 'frustrate' locals warns Nick Freeman
He warns local councils are simply “kicking the can down the road” with schemes only “moving the traffic” to other areas. More low traffic neighbourhoods were introduced across many parts of the UK in 2020 in a bid to reduce the number of cars on the road.
It came as part of a new £250million emergency active travel fund to encourage the numbers of people walking and cycling.

However, the schemes were quick to anger local residents who complained the confusing road layouts were dividing communities.

Speaking to, Mr Freeman said: “They are going to block roads and make it really hard for [drivers] to come in with street calming measures.

“It’s going to cause huge frustration, it’s going to cause congestion and in my view it’s going to cause more pillion in different areas. They are kicking the can down the road.

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Horrendous Hackney Road Closure claimed journeys had taken “three times longer” as a result of the restrictions and suggested almost all locals were against the project.

The backlash from residents caused LTN schemes in Lewisham and Lee Green to be revised to reduce restrictions around areas with heavy traffic.

Mr Freeman added: “I think they are a really bad idea and I think they are being introduced without consultation.

“I don’t believe for one second they are going to change the motorist’s habits. People who drive do so because they need to drive.

Another 31 percent said they tended to agree LTN schemes should be introduced.

He added: “You have to balance what the motorist needs, what is necessary.

“The people who drive cars are largely the people who are keeping the economy afloat.

“People need to travel particularly at a time when we are under pressure to free up public transport.

“What this movement would say is well we want to get people off buses and trains and we want them to make them walk and cycle.

“Well, what world do they live in, when is that ever going to happen.”

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Easter 2021 ideas: 5 fun, low-cost competitions and games for kids

Easter 2021 ideas: 5 fun, low-cost competitions and games for kids
Keeping children occupied during any holiday is always a challenge but lockdown has made things even tougher for parents who don’t get a break. The Easter holidays are coming up, which means the children will be off from school for a couple of weeks, in need of amusement.
In normal times, it isn’t exactly cheap to keep kids on their toes with cinema tickets, theme parks and so on often costing a fortune, but for this Easter, it’s looking like another crafty weekend.

Luckily, it is possible to create some of your own fun at home on a small budget, and we’ve got a few brilliant ideas for you to try out yourselves. spoke to who shared some expert advice on how to keep children and adults alike entertained at home this Easter.

They shared a huge range of their interesting crafts, egg decorating ideas and games that will cost you virtually nothing.

A spokesperson for NetVoucherCodes said: “Finding fun activities that you can do together as a family can be tricky, especially with the current lockdown restrictions.”

“Making crafts and playing fun games is a great way to enjoy priceless family time, whilst saving money and staying busy.

“Kids love the excitement that comes with the Easter bunny and it can be tricky to keep them engaged over the break from school, even more so now than ever.”

Games and competitions for children this Easter season

Egg rolling

The tradition of rolling eggs down hills seems to vary massively from culture to culture and family to family.

Seeing as there is no seemingly right way, it might be time to start a new family tradition for the house.

Start by boiling a bunch of eggs, then decorate them using marker pens and spare craft materials around the house.

Once boiled and decorated, take them to a park with a big hill.

From the top of the hill, players can take turns rolling their eggs down.

The egg that travels the furthest wins!

Obstacle course

To easily kill a few hours at home, set up a simple obstacle course in the back garden or living room.

Give the course a sprinkle of imagination and an Easter theme, with plenty of hopping over hurdles (or sofa cushions), egg on spoon relays and hard-boiled eggs used as balls to knock over bowling pins.

Craft stations

Easter crafts go a lot further than egg decorating.

Setting up a craft station ready with some basic supplies can keep kids entertained for hours.


Make chocolate eggs

Buying Easter eggs can be very expensive, especially if you have several kids to cater for.

Prices of eggs are often slashed closer to the weekend, but there is usually a smaller selection.

A great way to save money is for families to have a go at making their own tasty eggs.

Melt a chocolate of choice down and use an Easter egg mould to get the iconic shape.

Decorate the eggs with tasty items, such as sweets and chocolate, and enjoy eating the creations together.

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REVEALED: Who ACTUALLY paid for the AstraZeneca vaccine to be developed amid EU scandal

REVEALED: Who ACTUALLY paid for the AstraZeneca vaccine to be developed amid EU scandal

Who paid for the AstraZeneca vaccine to be developed?

The AstraZeneca vaccine was an international collaboration between researchers at Oxford University and officials with the pharmaceutical giant.

AstraZeneca has handled synthesis and rollout from several locations, with many of the UK’s jabs coming from local centres.

But the company did not provide the bulk of financial backing, which came from several sources.

Oxford University primarily footed the bill, with its resident Jenner Institute and Oxford Vaccine Group quick to rise to the challenge.

In early 2020, the Government offered some help when Matt Hancock announced it would free considerable resources to aid vaccine development efforts.

Ministers provided Oxford University with an additional £65.5 million of tax payer funding to aid their efforts.

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Harry likely to make 'tiara befitting a royal' up to £2m for Meghan: 'Stands to reason'

Harry likely to make 'tiara befitting a royal' up to £2m for Meghan: 'Stands to reason'

When former-actress Meghan married into the Royal Family in May 2018, she wore a tiara loaned to her by Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen Mary’s bandeau tiara.

It is customary for royal brides to wear tiaras and if they do not have a family tiara the Queen will loan them one.

In fact, the Queen loans out jewellery often to members of the family, even those who are related by marriage.

The Duchess of Cambridge, known formerly as Kate Middleton, borrowed the Cartier scroll tiara for her wedding day.

Since she has worn the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara too, a favourite of Princess Diana’s when it was loaned to her.

However, after her wedding, Meghan never had the honour of wearing a piece of royal jewellery from the Queen’s collection, although she has worn pieces from Princess Diana’s private collection.

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Our stoic Queen: 'Giving little away of any inner turmoil' after Harry and Meghan talk

Our stoic Queen: 'Giving little away of any inner turmoil' after Harry and Meghan talk
The past year has been difficult for all, including Her Majesty the Queen. While Elizabeth II enjoys untold priviledge in her postion as Monarch, no one is immune to hardship.
In the past year the Queen has been locked down in Windsor with her husband Prince Philip, 99.

She has been unable to meet a number of new grandchildren, including Princess Eugenie’s son August and Zara Tindall’s third child Lucas.

Her husband the Duke of Edinburgh has recently been released from a month-long hospital stay during which he had a heart surgery.

In the same time, her grandson Prince Harry and his wife former-actress Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, gave a tell all interview with US television presenter Oprah Winfrey.

In it they addressed their leaving the Royal Family, including making accusations of racism within the family relating to their son Archie Harrison.

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“The Queen’s defiance of external emotional displays suggests she prefers a stoic and rather private approach to all the problems of life, which must have made all the Harry and Meghan verbal and non-verbal ‘sharing’ even harder for her to empathise with.”

The expert explained it would be difficult to tell the Queen before the bombshell interview and Philip’s hospitalisation and after because of this stoicism.

“Any ‘before’ and ‘after’ the Oprah interview differences in the Queen’s body language are minimal then, although there are some micro-changes that could be telling.”

At age 94, the Queen has lived through the Second World War and a great many other world events, including catastrophes in the Royal Family.

“Prior to Harry and Meghan’s accusations both William and Kate had been peaking in terms of confidence and enjoyment signals.

“Kate’s signature smile had turned into some congruent-looking laughter that was obvious even behind a face-mask and she and William had developed roles as individual royals as well as a solid team of two.”

In other royal news, Camilla Parker Bowles wore a dress in Greece that left fans stunned. 

Camilla’s dress was praised by Twitter users.

The Duchess wore a periwinkle blue dress, with a matching full-length jacket.

Clocks Change 2021: What time do the clocks go forward tonight? Do we get less sleep?

Clocks Change 2021: What time do the clocks go forward tonight? Do we get less sleep?

What time do the clocks go forward tonight?

The clocks will go forward by one hour on the night of March 27 and the early hours of March 28.

So at 1am tomorrow morning, the last Sunday in March, the clocks will go forward by one hour, making it 2am.

This period when the clocks are one hour ahead is called British Summer Time (BST).

When we start to head back into winter, the clocks will change at 2am on the last Sunday in October to make it 1am again.

In today’s world, we don’t have to worry about adjusting the hands on a clock as most of us use our smartphones which change automatically.

But beware, you may need to change the time on your oven or your car manually.

How much AstraZeneca vaccine is made in the UK?

How much AstraZeneca vaccine is made in the UK?

Some nations have stalled their rollout pending investigation, but health officials have cemented their faith in the jab.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has twice stated the vaccine is safe for consumption.

AstraZeneca and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), which approves vaccines in the UK, have joined them.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has become the latest to issue a statement.

Officials said the benefits of the jab outweigh any potential risks.