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Lisa Nandy speechless as Andrew Neil confronts Labour leader hopeful on Brexit flip-flop

Andrew Neil questioned Lisa Nandy MP over her Brexit opinion after she voted against former Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal three times before saying it should be revived. Mr Neil asked: “Is the Johnson deal worse than the May deal?” Speaking on BBC 2’s Andrew Neil show, Ms Nandy: “It’s irrelevant what Labour things of the Johnson deal because quite frankly he has a majority and we don’t have the means to decide.”

Mr Neil pressed: “But in your view since you voted against the May deal three times then you said the May deal should be revived.

“Many people thought you were all over the place on this.”

Ms Nandy replied: “Pay attention is all I’m asking people to do.”

The BBC host interjected: “I am paying attention. You actually flirted with voting for the May deal after having voted against it three times.”

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Lisa Nandy torn apart by Andrew Neil (Image: BBC)

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Andrew Neil grilled Lisa Nandy on her Brexit record (Image: BBC )

Despite Ms Nandy denying the claims, Mr Neil read out her quote to Sky News: “reviving the May deal is the only way to avoid no deal Brexit.”

She continued: “There wasn’t a single thing about my position that changed in that time.

“In January Theresa May finally agreed to negotiate with Labour. I told her at the time if she brought a bill before Parliament that gave a role for Parliament in the next stages of the negotiations, I would vote for it.

“I was consistent in that all the way through and has she brought that bill, I told my constituents I would vote for it.”

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Andrew Neil hit out as the Wigan MP (Image: BBC)

It comes after Ms Nandy admitted the Labour Party “deserves to die” if it fails to change from the course Jeremy Corbyn set the party on.

Labour leadership candidate Lisa Nandy argued the Labour Party is “in retreat” and needs to change its course if it hopes to take power in Government.

While speaking at a rally in Wigan, Ms Nandy argued now was not the time for the party to play it safe.

She added the Labour Party “deserves to die” if it refuses to change from its previous course.


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Brexit timeline (Image: EXPRESS)

During her speech, the MP also reflected on the “devastating” election failure in December and how she believes she is the right candidate to turn it around for the party.

She said: “After this bruising few years in the Labour movement and after what was a shattering, devastating electoral defeat in which we lost good friends and colleagues who deserved so much better.

“People around the country lost good Labour MPs and they deserved so much better, I say to you that despite all of that, now is not the time to steady the ship and play it safe.

“Because if we do not change course a Labour movement we will die and we will deserve to.”

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