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Lockdown announcement: What time is the lockdown announcement TODAY?

On March 23, Mr Johnson announced sweeping changes across Britain, limiting freedom of movement in a bid to save lives as the coronavirus outbreak ravaged the country.

Predominantly, the PM introduced three measures requiring:

  • People to stay at home, except for shopping for essentials, exercise, medical need and caring responsibilities and travel to and from work.
  • All non-essential shops and community spaces to shut.
  • All gatherings of more than two people in public to stop.

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Several countries around the world including China, Spain and Italy have started to ease lockdown measures as new cases of COVID-19 have dropped.

Today (Sunday), the Prime Minister is expected to lay out his “roadmap” setting out how to “unlock the various parts of the UK economy” and avoid the UK falling into its worst recession since the Great Depression.

Mr Johnson’s roadmap is likely to include measures intended to raise confidence in the public to ensure they feel safe to leave their homes when they are invited to do so.

Many of the measures are expected to encourage those permitted to work to return to their employment such as construction workers and factories.

Schools are anticipated to reopen as early as June 1.

What time is the lockdown announcement today?

The address will be live today at 7pm.

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You can watch it live on Sky News and BBC News channels.

The address will also be broadcast on the radio.

What could the new lockdown rules look like?

The Prime Minister said he would make clear to the nation the “menu of options” he will have to choose from when he eventually decides to begin lifting the current restrictions.

The main change is likely to involve allowing people to spend more time outside.

This week, the Welsh Government announced a three-week extension of its lockdown with modest changes including allowing outdoor exercise more than once a day and plans to reopen libraries.

Part of the plan to restart the economy is for people to wear face masks to give them the confidence to return to work.

Companies will be asked to provide face coverings for staff who are required back at work.

Office workers who can work from home are expected to be asked to continue doing so for the time being.

Offices will need to be recalibrated to allow for social distancing with screens and barriers installed to protect people from working beside one another.

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Mr Johnson is hoping to put teachers on three weeks’ notice to reopen primary schools in England to all pupils on June 1.

Public transport is another key area which is expected to be addressed in Mr Johnson’s speech as many have expressed concerns about it becoming a breeding ground for spreading infection.

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