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London stabbing: Horror as police officer ‘struck by car’ at scene of vicious knife attack

According to an eyewitness the officer was hyperventilating after the incident which involved a car driving at speed through the crime scene. A community reverend helped the PC as he struggled to breathe by unzipping his jacket.



He said the officer was standing behind the cordon that had been set up due to a reported stabbing.

A white car then sped through the tape, hitting the PC’s leg and arm as a reported stabbing victim received treatment in an ambulance.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, the witness said: “He was not breathing properly. He said ‘please help me’

“He was kneeling onto the other officer and then went back on to the ground.

“I then supported his back with my body so he could open his zip.

“He was lucky. He could’ve died. He was screaming and crying.”

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He added that the officer, who is believed to have a broken arm, was then seen by the London Ambulance Service crew.At least one person is thought to have been injured in the attack and is being treated by the emergency services.

London stabbing: Horror outside Mansion House station as ‘at least one’ person attacked (Image: twitter.com/hiemishe)

One person believed to be a suspect has fled the scene.

The Metropolitan Police is yet to comment on the incident.

Several police cars and at least three police vans are seen in footage of the scene.

The clip also shows at least one ambulance in attendance.

The account that posted the footage on Twitter wrote as a caption that “at least one person has been stabbed outside Manor House Station.”

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They added: “One person is being treated by medics on scene and another <suspect> made a runner.”

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has repeatedly come under fire over his actions to end knife crime in the capital.

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Several police cars and at least three police vans are seen in footage of the scene (Image: twitter.com/hiemishe)

Last year, US President Donald Trump hit out at Mr Khan, calling him a “disaster” and a “national disgrace” over London’s knife violence crisis.

At the beginning of the year, Mr Khan was grilled by outraged locals during a People’s Question Time in Haringey.

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They criticised the mayor over his failure to crack down on knife crime.

The discussion was a chance for Londoners to ask the Mayor and London Assembly Members about their plans and priorities for the city.

Mr Khan was attacked for promising “far fetched” investments in communities and selling off police stations.

One local woman said: “I have lived in Haringey for 18 years, I have three children, and I have been a victim of crime three times.

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Mayor of London Sadiq Khan (Image: Getty)

“I have worked in this community in my local church and have seen what the current climate has done to young people.

“Mr Mayor, you said you were going to invest in young people. Sometimes when we hear about these investments, it seems so far fetched for the young people of Haringey.

“I do not feel safe in Haringey to get home at night or get out of my car.

“It’s so hard to get the police to follow up on your claim. Sir if you’re short of staff, you can recruit me.”

Joanne Wallace, a BAME officer for Wood Green, told Mr Khan: “The previous Mayor agreed to sell Hornsey police station.

“You said it must continue as the police funding includes the receipts from the predicted sale of buildings.

“Four years later, we can’t still be relying on this money.

Last year, US President Donald Trump hit out at Mr Khan over London’s knife violence crisis (Image: Getty)

“Given the crisis of knife crime in our borough, will you commit to saving our police station?

“Or at least keep them in public ownership and lease them to raise revenue which is much needed by some of the boroughs within London?”

In reply to both questions, Mr Khan said: ”Thank you for your honesty about the fear you have as a parent of three children.

“I’m from a similar community, and a stone throw from my house, a teenager tragically lost their life.

“We’ve shown in the past, by investment, we can reduce violent crime and we can make our city safe.

“We police by consent. They need everyone to work together. The police want to earn the trust of the community.”

Source:Daily Express :: UK Feed

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