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Louise Minchin: BBC Breakfast host in awkward on-air moment ‘I’m being chucked out’

BBC Breakfast‘s Louise Minchin, 52, found herself having to wrap up the latest episode of her and Annie Emmerson’s Her Spirit podcast sharpish, as she was being turfed out of where she was. The presenters were talking to triathlete Claire Danson, who won the 30-34 age category at the European Championships in 2019, but had to bid a swift goodbye as she scarpered from her set up.

After Claire discussed her injury, which left her paralysed from the waist down after colliding with a tractor whilst out riding her bike, she teased her new goals for a 100mile charity bike ride.

Louise and Annie were in awe but the BBC host had to make a quick getaway.

“Right Claire, I think we’re going to have to let you go!” she exclaimed.

“I’m being chucked out of where I am right now.”

Both Claire and Annie giggled as she continued: “I’m in a rented house in Cornwall and I know the cleaners are going to be turfing me out in a minute!”

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Appearing next to Dan, she wasn’t best impressed that he only remembered because he had seen a message from Judge Rob Rinder that reminded him.

Exposing her co-host, Louise said: “Dan only found out because my good friend Rob Rinder sent me a message.”

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“That’s how I found out as well,” weatherman Matt Taylor admitted.

Smiling, Louise added: “I’d like to say thank you.”

Source:Daily Express :: Celebrity News Feed

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