Home Celebrity Louise Minchin: BBC Breakfast star unveils surprise lockdown move during 'difficult days'

Louise Minchin: BBC Breakfast star unveils surprise lockdown move during 'difficult days'

BBC Breakfast host Louise Minchin unveiled her “lockdown garden success” as the small-screen star unveiled her new hobby following the coronavirus pandemic. The presenter has been taking up gardening during the crisis as she shared a snap of her lettuce patch.



In view of her 190,000 Twitter followers, Louise explained they will be discussing her new move on BBC Breakfast today.

She wrote: “Good morning, how are you all? I know we live in difficult days but for no reason in particular on @BBCBreakfast we are talking about our lockdown garden successes. This is mine, lettuce!”

Fans quickly inundated the broadcaster with comments, as they shared their own garden success stories.

One person said: “My crop of two radish! I’m basically self sufficient now!”

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Louise Minchin unveils surprise lockdown move during ‘difficult days’ (Image: WENN)

Louise Minchin showcased her lettuce garden (Image: TWITTER LOUISE MINCHIN)

Another person commented: “Well done Louise, same here, though yours look far more impressive! Who knew a few leaves could make you so happy?”

“My daughter and I spent the morning gardening yesterday. She did all the repotting and sewing seeds,” a third person chimed.

A social media user quipped: “No container is safe now. My wife plants and grows everything.”

Louise also took to Instagram and shared a photo of freshly grown lettuce.

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Louise Minchin unveiled her garden success during lockdown (Image: WENN)

She penned: “Good morning, today we are pausing for a small celebration of our lock-down garden successes. I am ridiculously pleased with my lettuce! #BBCBreakfast #lockdowngarden.”

Louise was not alone in her lockdown lettuce challenge as her co-stars Carol Kirkwood and Sally Nugent chatted about their own gardening success on BBC Breakfast.

But Dan Walker admitted he felt like he was “missing out” during their chat.

Taking to Twitter, he reposted Louise’s lettuce garden and wrote: “I feel like I’m missing out.

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Louise Minchin alongside her BBC Breakfast co-stars Dan Walker and Sally Nugent (Image: WENN)

“Louise @carolkirkwood and @sallynugent are all growing #LockdownLettuce. I have a golf net instead.”

His comment comes after the presenter was absent from the show on Monday after he suffered a painful injury over the bank holiday weekend.

The presenter explained he had slipped a disc in his back, but didn’t detail how the injury had happened.

He took to Twitter to share the bad news: “I slipped a disc in my back yesterday and am currently on some full-strength painkillers,” he tweeted on Sunday evening.

But on a cheery note, he added: “Have a wonderful bank holiday,” with a thumbs up.

A slipped disc occurs when the soft cushion of tissue between the bones in your spine pushes out.

His co-host Louise was quick to send her love and replied: “Ouch poor you, take care.”

Dan has since made a return to BBC Breakfast following his injury.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays on BBC One at 6am.

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