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Louise Minchin breaks down over personal struggle 'I feel like I’ve failed'

Louise Minchin and a host of other celebrities took part in a 100-mile expedition across the Namibian desert in Africa to raise awareness to mental health for Sport Relief. The BBC Breakfast host was joined by CBBC’s Karim Zeroul, Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw, The Saturdays star Frankie Bridge, newsreader Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Judge Rob Rinder and EastEnders’ Samantha Womack. However, on the second day, Louise broke down as she failed to complete the day’s challenge. 

By the end of the second day, the celebrities had spent over 20 hours biking and hiking 50km over the Namibian desert. 

Each day brought with it its own challenges and on the second day, the celebrities were given 10 hours to trek from point A to B before they ran out of sunlight.

Once the time had elapsed, Louise remarked: “That was extremely hard, wasn’t it? And I am burnt to a toast.”

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Rob was the only one to complete the trek in the given time and Louise admitted she felt she had failed when the group discussed the challenge that evening. 

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Krishnan said: “I think we’ve got our heads around what’s going on now and what we’re doing, [Rob] completed it, the rest of may not have done but we spent 10 hours out in that sun giving it everything.”

“I think Lou is struggling today,” Frankie observed to which Louise agreed: “I feel a bit…I feel like I’ve failed.”

Krishnan responded: “You’ve got to not be annoyed that you didn’t complete it because it was a success.

“You’ve got arbitrary goals, a lot of different people, totally different skills and abilities and we’re all supposed to hit this point.”

After they had finished the challenge, Louise remarked: “I feel broken, exhausted, a little bit like this wreck behind me.”

“My body’s battered, physically battered,” Samantha confessed before Frankie added: “For me, it was a massive mental struggle and to end on a day like today where I have managed to cycle, I have enjoyed myself, it feels like a real sense of achievement.”

Elsewhere in the show, Louise met a young mother in Bristol who suffered from PTSD after losing her first baby shortly after given birth.

Sam opened up to Louise about her first pregnancy and told her how the midwife was unable to find her baby’s heartbeat during labour.

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