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Louise Minchin: Dan Walker uses BBC Breakfast host as an example after 'b******s' message

The star then used a snap of his co-host Louise sporting unruly hair as an example to prove they had indeed been taking the DIY approach.

Dan got onto the subject when a fan asked him on Twitter: “@mrdanwalker so there’s social distancing on the sofa for the viewers benefit, how are you doing it behind the scenes with make up and hair?”

The Football Focus star posted before and after photos of himself in response with a make-up brush in hand.

He replied in view of his 654,000 followers: “We all do our own #LearningToBlend #TZone.”

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A third fan commented: “Oooh go out like that Lou it’s lovely.”(sic)

Elsewhere, Louise spoke candidly about a “devastating” moment with her husband after she competed in the Norseman challenge.

The athletic broadcaster questioned whether she would see her husband again after he didn’t meet her during part of the race.

Speaking on Norseman Radio about the epic challenge, Louise explained her husband and her dad were her support team during the triathlon.

“There was a bit of a confusion, because my support, who were my husband and my dad, missed the first place that we were going to meet because it took them a long time to get through the tunnels,” the small-screen star explained.

“That was a bit devastating because you’re thinking at this point, at two and a half hours I need some more food, and I’m a little bit cold, because you’re on the top of the plane and the mist had come down, and it was quite scary and like how I miss them, if they miss me, am I ever going to see them again?”

Luckily, Louise was reunited with her husband and he was able to give her some more essentials.

She said: “Luckily I did eventually meet them and they gave me some more clothes, mostly coffee I think! But your support is so much part of it.

“Without them, you literally can’t do it, but it’s also psychologically getting to that point because we were quite disciplined about meeting and it was just absolutely wonderful to see them. Brilliant.”

The BBC Breakfast star then gushed over her husband for his help at the time.

She added: “My husband is thankfully incredibly organised when it comes to it. I literally arrived and he had everything lined up.

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“We made masses of sandwiches, and he’s like, ‘what kind of sandwich do you want or do you want a Snickers bar?’ It’s brilliant, so lovely, lovely.”

BBC Breakfast airs daily at 6am on BBC One.


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