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Love Is Blind finale: Did Amber and Barnett get married? Full spoilers and results

Love Is Blind: Amber and Barnett at their wedding (Image: NETFLIX)

Netflix is branching into the reality TV arena with Next In Fashion landing earlier this year. Love Is Blind hit the platform on February 13 and became a huge viral hit. Here’s a look at whether one couple tied the knot in the finale.

Did Amber and Barnett get married in Love Is Blind?

There were doubted whether Amber Pike and Matt Barnett would make it down the aisle despite being deeply in love.

The couple had their issues after she admitted having lots of student debt for a degree she suggested she hadn’t completed.

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Also, she had been homeless and didn’t have a job which could have caused possible problems for the pair.

However, Barnett loved her despite all of this which seemed to suggest the show’s title was correct.

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The biggest deal-breaker seemed to be Barnett’s family, who weren’t sure about his decision to marry Amber so swiftly.

When they got to the big day, Barnett told her: “I never thought that this would never happen.

“I never came into this thinking that I would find anyone like you. You are amazing, beautiful inside and out. So…”

Amber was quick to say “I do” and declare her love for Barnett.

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She explained: “The fact that even when you’re making me crazy, I still am so in love with you, I can’t help myself. I do. I will.”

Amber added: “You ave become so much more than I expected and I’m excited that you get to keep becoming more with you.”

But he paused for thought before giving his answer, leaving fans on tenterhooks.

He said: “Oh, I do, A hundred percent. I can’t imagine my life without you.”

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Afterwards, they joked about Amber taking his last name with Barnett telling his wife, her new name didn’t sound as good.

However, it wasn’t all happy fairytale endings with other couples parting ways after not going through with their weddings.

Sadly, Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas decided not to get married after she told him she loved him but didn’t want to go through with the whole thing.

Mark was left devastated after hoping Jessica could overcome her demons.

Also, Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers’ wedding in tears with the bride running away.

Damian called time on their romance at the altar, leaving her fuming.

Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes also didn’t make it to the finish line after she told him she couldn’t do it.

The only other couple to tie the knot were Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton.

Love Is Blind is streaming on Netflix now


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