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Love Island star Tommy Fury will propose to Molly-Mae Hague BUT only if Tyson beats Wilder

The professional boxer and ex-Love Island star could be getting down on one knee in Vegas this weekend. But he has said he will only go ahead with the plan if his brother Tyson wins his rematch.

A source told The Sun: “Tommy’s serious about Molly and thinks proposing in Vegas surrounded by family will be the perfect time.

“He’s of the mind only to do it in Vegas if his brother Tyson wins his fight against Deontay Wilder tonight.

“He thinks it would be the perfect way to end the perfect day.”

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Tommy’s brother Tyson is in line for $ 30million (£23million) if he wins tomorrow’s fight against Deontay Wilder.

Even if he doesn’t win the fight, he is guaranteed to receive £3.9million.

After watching his brother Tyson, Tommy has been inspired to push his own boxing career forward.

Tommy met Molly-Mae on the last summer series of Love Island in 2019.

The source added: “Tommy is really proud of Tyson and wants to emulate his success.

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“He’s gone professional and plans on going for the big fights in his division so he can make more of a name for himself.

“His ultimate goal is to become a world champion and get the titles, the acclaim and the big bucks rolling in.”

The Sun contacted Tommy’s representatives for comment but did not receive a response.

Tommy also told the paper about his own plans for his career.

He said: “I’m just out to be Tommy Fury. I’m not a reality TV man. I’m not an entertainment guy.

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