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Love, Victor: 7 Reasons To Watch The Hulu Series ASAP

The Romantic Entanglements

A main part of Love, Victor Season 1 is the web of teen romantic drama. This character likes that character who likes that other character. Victor probably has the simplest romantic entanglement. He likes one person but really wants to try to like another person, because that would make things simple.

Meanwhile, his friends and classmates like someone who is already involved with another person, or just too ashamed to admit that they like someone. By Love, Victor’s Season 1 finale the teen romantic entanglements are resolved–for now. However, the teens’ romance isn’t the only major romance drama of the show.

Victor’s parents have their own romantic complications that are revealed in mid-Season 1. It then becomes the main focus of their issues for the rest of the season. Love is very complicated in Love, Victor’s world.

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