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Lucifer season 5: Chloe to become immortal as fan uncovers clue?

At the end of season four, Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) ascends to his throne in Hell but not before he steals a passionate kiss from his first love Chloe Decker (Lauren German). No release date is set for the next series on Netflix but fans are eager to know how the couple’s complicated romance will play out. 

Viewers of the show will already know close proximity to Chloe renders the lovestruck Lucifer vulnerable thanks to a godly affliction. 

This rule of the show remains a mystery though, as fans still assume Lucifer will retain his immortality despite being near Chloe. 

Redditor alwaysashoe theorised: “I wonder if the love story in season five will contend with the fact that one of them is immortal and the other not?

“Lucifer will lose Chloe at some point but have to go on living and living.”

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Many fans have suggested the show could finally end with a flashforward, with Lucifer in solitary either on Earth or ruling back in Hell as all his loved ones have passed on. 

In fact, season five begins with an episode entitled Really Sad Devil Guy so the premiere could already start the explosive final series with Lucifer dealing with the loss of Chloe in some way. 

However, the Reddit user could have hit upon a crafty solution to the lovers’ problem. 

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They added: “Maybe they will find some way around this with the help of God!” 

Earlier in January it was announced 24 star Dennis Haysbert would take on the role of God for Lucifer’s fifth and final season. 

Subsequently fans should expect the final series to feature an increase in heavenly miracles in contrast to Lucifer’s own devilish abilities, such as his supernatural command over a legion of devils. 

As the ruler of Hell softens to the mere mortals he’s come to love, perhaps Lucifer will eventually gain God’s favour by the end of season five. 

It would be a moving and fitting conclusion to the series if Chloe was granted immortality at the hands of God, allowing them to continue their romance into eternity – or at least as long as they can stand each other.

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Some fans disagree, however, and suggest Lucifer’s strange physical weakness around Chloe could finally come to fruition in the finale.

Redditor SorrySnake suggested: “I always theorised that they would eventually get together and we’d see a scene of Lucifer finding that he has a single grey hair or something.”

This theory is perhaps a little too specific to actually make it into the final episode, but it’s so genius and simple it would be a shame if the showrunners went with something else.

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They continued: “Something to show that not only does the detective make him vulnerable, she also makes him mortal.” 

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