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Lucifer season 5 theories: Ella to end up in hell in shock mix-up

Lucifer season 5 theories: Ella to end up in hell in shock mix-up 1

With Lucifer reclaiming his hellish throne in the season finale, fans of the fantasy thriller series were left pondering some huge cliffhangers when season four wrapped up. Many viewers think there could be more underworld exploits to come when the series returns to Netflix.

Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) embraced his true identity and seemingly confirmed Chloe Decker (Lauren German) as his true love when he kissed her before returning to his hellish domain.

However, with his friends left stranded on Earth, Lucifer season five is set to follow major conflicts between the mortal and demonic planes.

Unfortunately, production of season five has been put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Thankfully, filming had almost completed, with just the finale left to shoot, so fans are hoping the wait for new episodes will be comparatively shorter compared to other series suffering similar delays.

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As the literal devil walks among Earth in previous seasons, some characters have been grappling with their own religious beliefs, oblivious to the supernatural goings-on around them.

One such hapless mortal is Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia), a forensic scientist who recently struggled with a loss of faith of her own.

Only a few select associates of Lucifer, including Chloe and his therapist and lover Linda (Rachael Harris) know of his true demonic form. 

Despite this, some viewers are convinced it’s only a matter of time before Ella discovers her friend’s secret.

Ella already had a brush with the supernatural when she was visited by the Angel of Death, Azrael (Charlyne Yi), but some ‘Lucifans’ think she will finally get up close and personal with Lucifer’s fiery home in season five.

Viewers took to Reddit recently to discuss the possibilities of season five, including Ella’s untimely fate.

Reddit user TheDigitalHaunt posted: “With Ella’s loss of faith in recent series, I’ve been thinking of a story arc that I’d love to see play out. With Hell being based on regret and self punishment, I can imagine Ella feeling guilty about losing faith (resolved or not) and her wrongly being sent to Hell.”

During the third season episode Off the Record, Lucifer reveals it is actually humans and their own guilt that sends them to hell, rather than the devil himself trapping them there.

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Although Ella eventually comes round to her religious beliefs, if anything is going to make her 100 percent convinced of the existence of a Biblical afterlife, it’s a short trip to hell.

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This would be a dark twist to the series, but luckily this fan is sure Ella won’t be becoming a permanent resident of the torturous underworld.

They added: “Of course, neither Lucifer nor Azrael would believe this and either Lucifer would be looking over the books and thinking ‘This can’t be right’.

“I imagine this would lead to Lucifer either defying Dad’s will and returning Ella to Earth, finding a way to resolve her guilt so she can leave Hell, or him finding a way back to Heaven so he can take her there himself.”


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