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Lucy Alexander: Homes Under The Hammer host hit with 'wave of grief' during isolation

Lucy Alexander: Homes Under The Hammer host hit with 'wave of grief' during isolation 1

Lucy Alexander, 49, is currently in isolation like the majority of the population, trying to keep busy with cooking, cleaning and doing whatever else takes her mind off the ongoing coronavirus pandemic currently taking place. But today was a low day, as she admitted she was missing her mum Kay Alexander, who passed away earlier this year after losing her battle with cancer.


Posting to her 35,276 Twitter followers, the BBC favourite voiced her thoughts about how she was feeling.

“Why is it always when you’re peeling the veg waves of grief hit #missmumtoday,” she wrote, with a sobbing emoji and a love heart.

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Within a couple of minutes, fans rushed to comfort her, showing their support and sharing their own experiences.

One said: “Time and laughter will fix things. Been there.”

“Everyday occurrence here,” another agreed.

A third fan posted a loving message: “She’s with you watching over you with love and pride. It’s OK to grieve it’s part of the process.

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“I lost my mum 34 years ago and still have moments like this. You never get over the loss just learn day by day to deal with it.”

The TV star lost her mum to cancer back in February of this year.

She announced the tragic news on her social media at the time, saying: “My mum sadly passed away last night.

“She battled cancer to the end. I’ve lost my mate – She was my everything. RIP Mum. I’m waiting for your signs.”

The post was acknowledged by thousands of fans with over 4,000 comments full of well wishes.

She wrote last week: “Last [night] my dad called 111. He desperately needed a doctor. Eight hours later they called back. That’s how busy they are.

“Sadly was very late and at midnight was admitted to hospital because he needed to be checked. He’s 81. Our NHS are so up against it. It’s so worrying. Stay home.”

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Soon after, she posted an update to inform fans that he was home and recovering.

“He’s home now and recovering – but alone, I want to look after my dad and hug him & make him soup.”

“All so very hard after just losing mum. He needs to isolate – I miss him.”


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