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Luggage: Passengers travelling with gifts this Christmas urged to do one thing

Christmas is a busy time for travel, with droves of people heading to visit family and friends around the world. As part of holiday traditions, many travellers will find their luggage stuffed to the bring with gifts for loved ones. While they may be certain to pack all of their presents, along with party wear for the season, there is one item that should top the list, though many passengers often forget it.

While travellers may be preoccupied with filing their festive schedule with fun plans, or figuring out how to cook the perfect Christmas dinner, they may be forgetting one vital thing that could save a world of hassle and cost to boot.

Travelling comes with its own set of risks at the best of times, particularly when it comes to luggage.

However, at Christmas, this is intensified with the value amount of many people’s suitcases increasing with the cost of the gifts that they are shipping.

For anyone travelling, it is imperative to purchase tailored travel insurance including cover for any pre-existing medical conditions, cancellation, medical emergencies and repatriation to the UK,” explains Julian Kearney, CEO of Staysure.

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Christmas flights: An expert reveals the one things travellers flying with gifts should invest in (Image: Getty Images)

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“However, during this time of year, many people are travelling with gifts which could be valuable so it’s also ideal to have cover in place for lost and delayed baggage, passports, money, gadgets and other valuables.”

Indeed, while insuring your luggage against misplacement is important on any holiday, when the value increases there is even more at stake.

Travellers who are taking expensive items with them are in luck.

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If a standard travel insurance policy does not cover the worth of a particular present, there are options to increase the coverage amount with single-item add ons.

This option increases your single item, Personal Baggage cover beyond the standard £400, up to £1,000,” Julian continues.

“You just select the value and describe the item you want covered.”

For the most part, however, the same rules apply at Christmas time as the rest of the year.

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Julian also shares a few tips he feels are helpful for travellers regardless of the season.

He suggests: “Keep hold of airline or any other ticket that confirms your travel arrangements and any baggage check-in-labels that you have.

“Ensure your luggage is clearly labelled as this would facilitate the safe return of your bags.

“If you are taking any medication or valuables with you, pack them in your hand luggage or keep them on your person.”

Passengers have also been issued a warning by budget airline Ryanair ahead of festive travel.

Those travelling with gifts have been advised not to wrap the items before putting them into their luggage.

This is due to security checks which are often enforced on both checked and hand luggage.

In a statement, Ryanair said: ”Don’t spend hours intricately wrapping gifts to carry in your hand luggage.

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“Wrapped gifts may be opened, searched and screened by airport security staff.”

One way passengers can avoid having to travel with their gifts, reducing the risk of loss and damage, is to shop online and have the items delivered to their destination.

Carrying just wrapping paper will largely reduce the weight of bags too, even allowing passengers to travel with just hand luggage.

Plus, wrapping presents upon arrival at your Christmas destination will ensure gift wrap is in perfect condition on the big day.

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