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MacBook Pro update: Why now could be a bad time to buy Apple's 13-inch laptop

Apple fans planning to treat themselves to a shiny new 13-inch MacBook Pro might be wise to hold off. Rumours have been steadily growing that a new laptop is being designed by the US technology firm and now we may have proof that something could be launching soon.

According to a post on Twitter by @_rogame, a benchmark score has been spotted which claims to show a 13-inch MacBook Pro offering some serious gains over the current model.

This yet to be released machine looks set to feature a blisteringly quick Core i7 processor rather than the Core i5 you’ll find on the range that’s available now in the Apple Store.

If true, it could give the new models a serious speed advantage with an image from @_rogame showing the new device beating the older model in every test.

3DMark, Graphics, CPU and Graphics tests are all shown to be considerably faster on the rumoured machine.

So why should you trust this post on social media? Like all early leaks, there’s nothing to say this is real but it’s worth noting that @_rogame did uncover Geekbench scores for the new 16-inch MacBook Pro long before it was actually launched.

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Since this bigger laptop went on sale late last year there’s been endless speculation that Apple is also planning to reboot the 13-inch model as well.

Many have been hoping that the smaller laptop will soon get the improved Magic Keyboard, louder speakers, faster brains and longer battery life that are all now found on the 16-inch Pro.

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Apple also reduced the bezels around the Retina display on its bigger portable PC which means you get a larger screen without the overall size increasing by that much.

To add fuel to the MacBook rumour fire, it’s claimed a big event could be in the pipeline.

In fact, a report from German website iPhone-ticker.de is speculating that Tuesday, March 31 will be the date Apple fans will want to pop in their diaries.

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