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'Mad Remainers!' Radio host in fiery clash with 'friend' of BBC over anti-Brexit bias

The TalkRADIO host began by asking Professor Robert Beveridge, a self-proclaimed “friend of the BBC”, whether he accepted that BBC News coverage of Brexit day on January 31 unveiled the anti-Brexit political positions of many working for the broadcaster. He said: “What about the idea of bias in the BBC News coverage? I don’t know if you’re aware but last Friday on the day of the Brexit exit, or independence day, however you want to look at it, on the day we left the European Union the BBC was widely criticised because they have been a pro-Remain organisation, let’s face it, and widely criticised for the studio being draped in a EU flag.

“Do you understand, Robert, why people are criticising BBC News and saying that actually, hang on a moment, this is run by Remainers.”

Professor Beveridge rejected the assumption whilst admitting the BBC does not always “get it right”. 

He said: “Well, I understand because I’m from Scotland the deep feelings that are held in Scotland because many people who support Scottish independence think the BBC doesn’t give them a fair shout.

“We live in a time of enormous turmoil and people do over-read what’s happening on BBC News.

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“The BBC, like yourself, aspires to impartiality, accuracy and balance. Sometimes it doesn’t get it right but by enlarge we need it.”

But Mr Wootton blasted in response: “But Rob, I don’t agree with that. I don’t want to be impartial.

“I’m very honest in the fact that I have an opinion, I have a strong opinion, I express it and I admit it.

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“The problem with the BBC is that you’ve got a whole lot of people who are pretending they are impartial and actually they’re mad Remainers!”

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