Madden 21 Patches QB Drafting In Franchise Mode Following Player Feedback

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Alexandra Ramos

Madden 21 Patches QB Drafting In Franchise Mode Following Player Feedback

In the latest update to Madden 21, EA has announced that it has patched the CPU QB Draft Logic in Franchise mode, making the ability to draft a quarterback much more realistic. Along with this update, there were several other patches that were directed at multiple other features of the mode.


This isn’t the first time that Franchise mode has been updated due to fan requests and issues. The first round of updates that came out earlier on in the game’s cycle covered multiple issues, such as the ability to add X-Factor and Superstar traits to any player as a commissioner, or the ability to balance players so that there is a fairer amount of those improved players in a match. All of these were done to improve the flow of gameplay and prevent players from having to restart their progress.

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With this new update, Madden publisher and developer EA talked about how in real life, when teams draft a quarterback, they say “we think you can be, or now are, the face of our organization.” EA is trying to implement that process into the game, adding new logic checks that CPU teams will be able to use to guide whether they should think about drafting a new quarterback or not when they’re on the clock in Round 1. Now, teams will be able to evaluate their roster and previous draft picks to keep players from being replaced too quickly. This came after multiple fans of the game complained that their rookie QBs would ultimately get replaced after their first seasons because their OVR was lower than an incoming prospect, so now with this implemented, hopefully, that will happen much less. A couple of other new updates were implemented, including commissioner controls and trade logic, but the update on the quarterback situation is the biggest patch within this.

Madden 21 Patches QB Drafting In Franchise Mode Following Player Feedback 2

Some fans requested that the NFL drop EA altogether because it’s been so bad. Madden 21 itself has been very controversial. Not only was the launch incredibly glitchy, with several bugs cited by fans, most players complained that nothing has changed from the previous game. EA has been in charge of producing Madden games for some time now and most have said that the game is basically the same as the last, and have been questioning whether to move on to the next title in the series at all.

The game already had a bad reputation before it even released back in the summer, due to fans watching the trailer and noticing the lack of improvement. These fans were unsurprised to find that, truly, nothing has changed in Madden 21. It’s clear that the developers at EA are trying to please fans and their complaints through providing these updates, but most are starting to wonder if it’s even worth it to upgrade when every launch seems to be just as same as the last. However, if player feedback keeps going the way it is, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if that contract EA has with the NFL wasn’t renewed in the next couple of years.

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Source: EA

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