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Madden 21 QB ratings: The best quarterbacks by overall, speed, throw power & more

Madden 21 QB ratings: The best quarterbacks by overall, speed, throw power & more 1

EA Sports has been slowly rolling out player ratings for “Madden NFL 21” this week, and today they announced the quarterbacks.

To no one’s surprise, Patrick Mahomes earned the only 99 overall at his position. There were only five quarterbacks in Madden 21 to earn a 90 or higher overall rating. As for other top performers, Lamar Jackson was cleary the runaway in the speed category with 96. Bills signal caller Josh Allen tops out throw power with 99.

Comparing the end of Madden 20’s quarterback ratings, there isn’t too much of a difference in Madden 21. The top five quarterbacks remain the same, with a slight change, and only Philip Rivers and Jimmy Garoppolo exit the top 10.

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Madden 21 QB ratings: Top 10 overall quarterbacks

  1. Patrick Mahomes, 99 overall
  2. Russell Wilson, 97 overall
  3. Lamar Jackson, 94 overall
  4. Drew Brees, 93 overall
  5. Tom Brady, 90 overall
  6. Aaron Rodgers, 89 overall
  7. Matt Ryan, 87 overall
  8. Deshaun Watson, 86 overall
  9. Dak Prescott, 84 overall
  10. Carson Wentz, 84 overall

Eight of the 10 quarterbacks from the final Madden 20 rankings stay the same. Prescott and Wentz are the only newcomers. Wentz goes up one overall from his Madden 20 ratings while Prescott goes up three overall.

A closer comparison of the two video games can be viewed below.

Pos.NameMadden 20 Ovr.Pos.NameMadden 21 Ovr.
1.Patrick Mahomes991.Patrick Mahomes99
2.Russell Wilson972.Russell Wilson97
3.Drew Brees943.Lamar Jackson94
4.Lamar Jackson924.Drew Brees93
5.Tom Brady915.Tom Brady90
6.Aaron Rodgers896.Aaron Rodgers89
7.Matt Ryan877.Matt Ryan87
8.Deshaun Watson868.Deshaun Watson86
T-9.Philip Rivers84T-9.Dak Prescott84
T-9.Jimmy Garoppolo84T-9.Carson Wentz84

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Madden 21 QB speed ratings

  1. Lamar Jackson, 96 speed
  2. Kyler Murray, 91 speed
  3. Taysom Hill, 90 speed
  4. Marcus Mariota, 88 speed
  5. Tyrod Taylor, 87 speed

These are the same top five speed quarterbacks from the end of Madden 20 as well. The only difference is Taylor lost a point from 88 to 87 in Madden 21. Overall, this list makes complete sense. Murray, Hill, Mariota and Taylor are all threats with their legs, but not enough to warrant a rating like Jackson.

We actually spoke with Madden developers last year about Jackson’s speed and how they tried to avoid breaking the game by making him too fast.

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“Our No. 1 goal is making the most authentic NFL experience that we can, and to some level we’re okay with Lamar Jackson being, as a gamer would call ‘a glitch.’ We’re OK with that on some level because that’s what he’s doing on Sunday,” Clint Oldenburg, who works on gameplay design and player ratings for Madden, told SN in 2019.

Madden 21 QB throw power ratings

  1. Josh Allen, 99 throw power
  2. Patrick Mahomes, 97 throw power
  3. Matthew Stafford, 94 throw power
  4. Aaron Rodgers, 94 throw power
  5. Cam Newton, 93 throw power
  6. Baker Mayfield, 93 throw power
  7. Jacob Eason, 93 throw power
  8. Justin Herbert, 92 throw power
  9. Joe Flacco, 92 throw power
  10. Lamar Jackson, 92 throw power

The Madden rating experts again didn’t stray too far away from what they determined a year ago. Allen remains atop with 99 throw power while Mahomes stands in second. The Chiefs quarterback did get a boost, though, going from 96 to 97.

We have a pair of new faces, however, as rookies Justin Herbert and Jacob Eason enter the top 10. 

Additional Madden 21 QB ratings

As of now, these are the only attributes out there regarding quarterbacks. Additional ratings should be released on Madden 21’s player database at some point in the near future.

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