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Make Your Facebook Private Under a Blue Sky

Facebook is a great resource for staying in touch with old friends, relatives and everyone else for whom you care. But at a cost may the digital freedom come: your privacy. Luckily, there are ways to guarantee that only the people you want to see can see your Facebook profile unless anyone knows your secret, of course.
There are two simple ways to get your Facebook profile to the correct privacy settings. You can see a button to the right of your name in the top right corner. A padlock and three horizontal lines are on it.Click it and then, at the bottom, pick See More Settings.

Change the Sharing Default

Screenshot of Facebook Privacy Settings
Additionally, you can choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu, by pressing the little cog
settings button in the very top right next to the aforementioned Privacy Shorts icon. For any case the end result is exactly the same. Now you can start tailoring your confidentiality.
2. Who will see my stuff?
You can see three bold questions under the heading Privacy Settings and Tools: “Who can see my stuff?,” “Who can contact me?” and “Who can look up at me?.” We are going to start with the first heading in the chart.
Tap on the Edit button on the far right on “Who can see your future posts?” Now pick the user you wish to see from the download your future Facebook messages. Public sentiment is the opposite (natural) of private, so set it up to “friends” if you want your Facebook users to look at them.

Additionally, if you only want to see what you are posting, you can pick “only me” or press “Custom.” You can also have “Not Share” choices, so you can choose a particular friend from Facebook or friends that you do not want to share with. You may also block lists to which you belong, for example a school network.
If you want to limit your exposure to a post, you can only do so by setting “Review all your posts and things that you have tagged.” Click the button “Log Activity,” and then the pen edit can be used to delete those entries that you do not want to post.
3. Who could tell me? Who could message me?

You can then use the message-filtering option under “Who can contact me” if you want to avoid getting inbox messages from people with whom you aren’t friends from Facebook. Turn it from simple to strict filtering so that your box can only show messages from friends.
This way, unexpected messages from aliens should be kept out.
4. What will see me up? Who could look up?

You may want to restrict who can search your Facebook profile occasionally. The group of choices “Who can look me up?” lets you configure your privacy. Only friends can search your
email address with friends allowed.

For your telephone number (if one is entered on Facebook) the same choices can be listed.
Once again, pick the best privacy choice for mates. Eventually you can pick how your timeline can be linked to search engines such as Bing and Google. A simple tick box choice is all you have needed to shut down the World Wide Web from your Facebook profile. As mentioned by Facebook, this option can take a while, so don’t be in panic if it appears that search engines are still open.

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5. New confidentiality?

There is always the choice to leave Facebook fully to ensure the safety of yourself. It is, of course, a drastic way of going about things, but something like online bullying could force your hand (if you want support). Perhaps perhaps you’re sick of publicly revealing everything.
In the right top, click on the settings and pick Safety on the left (below the general). Whatever your rationale. At the bottom there’s a blue text saying “disable your account.”
Press this and you are told to leave and to warn that your friends can not reach you anymore. You will be prompted. You’re Facebook-free, click on confirm.

Call now and drink your newly-found digital freedom to that mate. And just enjoy your new
level of privacy on Facebook
Originally Published on DigitalSpy
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