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Mama June Off Her 6-Month Sobriety Ahead Of Her Birthday — Watch

June has put in the work! The ‘Family Crisis’ star announced that she’s six months sober, and received a blinged-out to commemorate the milestone.

Congratulations to June! The reality star, 40, revealed on Instagram that she just reached a major milestone that’s changed her life. She’s six months sober. To celebrate her achievement, she received a pink, sparkly six-month sobriety from her manager and from the June: From Not To Hot‘s producer. It’s a reminder to keep up the good work and keep going!

“Hey guys, I just wanted to jump on here real quick,” she began her August 8 video. “I know my birthday’s not til Monday, but I want to share this six-month blinged-out my manager sent me. It’s probably the thing I’m most proud of, because now me and Geno [Doak, her boyfriend] are six months clean. This is amazing, y’all. I’m so proud of this.”

As she should be. June’s drug addiction, documented on June: Family Crisis, upended her life and damaged her relationship with her children. She confessed on the reality show that she and Geno, at one point, would smoke up to $ 2500 worth of methamphetamine in one day. She estimates that the couple spent $ 150,000 on cocaine over the span of six months, as well.

Mama June
June revealed that she’s six months sober after completing her rehab stay (SplashNews)

Although June refused to go to an out-patient rehab on the June 26 season finale, it was revealed that she and Geno ultimately decided to check into an in-patient facility in Florida. June and Geno are still in Florida, where she spends tons of time exercising on the beach and practicing self-care. Here’s to the next six months, and many more to come.

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