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Kart : Circuit £100

And £100 for the Luigi edition.

Never mind £50 for Super 3D All-Stars, Nintendo’s new augmented reality Kart for Nintendo Switch will cost you £100.

Additional Kart : sets, each of which contains a remote controlled or Luigi kart, also cost £100.

All players will need a set to be able to join in. Both and Luigi editions are available to pre-order now from Nintendo’s UK website ahead of their launch on 16th October.

Kart : was first announced yesterday amongst many other games during Nintendo’s Super Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct.

Its trailer shows how gameplay will feature AR characters, enemies and items overlaid onto your own , via a camera on the front of your remote-controlled kart toy.

Races are held against AR AI opponents unless you add in another physical kit. Nintendo’s store page includes the below photo of a family playing together holding four Nintendo Switch consoles (two Lites, two regular) with four Kart toys. That’s £400 worth of Kart and around £1200 of Nintendo products total.


Each Kart kit includes one kart racer toy (either or Luigi), four cardboard gates, two arrow markers and one USB charging cable. You also get a notebook and some perimeter board.

The game software itself is a free download from the Nintendo eShop. Without another player, you race against Bowser’s Koopaling minions in eight grand prix cups filled with various environmental effects to modify gameplay.

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