Home Travel Martin Lewis: Government scrapping air bridges could have huge costs for Britons

Martin Lewis: Government scrapping air bridges could have huge costs for Britons

He spoke directly to a customer who has plans to fly to Bulgaria in July, where a 14-day quarantine period remains in place for foreign arrivals.

The concerned holidaymaker queried whether he had a right to claim back the money for his holiday as he would have to spend it in quarantine under current Bulgarian regulations.

Martin pointed out how “important” this question was and implored Britons thinking of holidaying in the coming months to consider the repercussions.

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He explained: “We were hearing that we were going to have air bridges which were bi-lateral agreements with different countries that people from the UK can go there and there would be no quarantine either way.

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“Let’s say you are going to Bulgaria and Bulgaria is allowed,” continued Martin.

“Now that the key trigger for travel insurance was that the UK government wouldn’t allow you to go.

“And provided you had your travel insurance and booked your holiday before coronavirus, that should have triggered you to get a travel insurance payout.

“If you are allowed to go from the UK but what happens is what stops you is when you get there, there is a quarantine or the foreign government stops you, you no longer have that trigger for your travel insurance to pay out.

“And of course if the flight is still on and the hotel is still available, well they don’t have to give you a refund because they are still offering the service.”

This means that for Britons who are now facing quarantine in their holiday destination, they might have no sure way of seeking back their money should they choose not to go.

“In many ways, for travel insurance purposes this ‘you can go to 95 countries’ is actually going to be really negative for people because practically they won’t be able to go but they are simply just going to have to take the financial hit,” added Martin.

“None of that is confirmed yet, but that is my great concern about the way they are looking to structure it.”

Though the FCO hasn’t given certain indication as to what may happen in the coming days, it has made changes to many of its travel pages.

The changes include Spain, Italy, Greece, and Turkey, along with many other global hotspots.

A new editorial change to the advice shows a changing stance for those abroad.

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In an editorial amendment, the FCO has removed its advice urging Britons to return home.

It is now offering up-to-date advice on entry requirements for each country.

The FCO adds that the current travel advisory is “under constant review”.

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