Home Lifestyle Martin Lewis issues advice for thousands planning wedding amid coronavirus

Martin Lewis issues advice for thousands planning wedding amid coronavirus

Martin Lewis: Money Saving Expert advice for coronavirus wedding cancellations (Image: GETTY)

Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has been on hand to dispense his financial advice. He has now given his advice to those who are planning weddings this summer.  It comes after the Church of England has restricted weddings to only five congregants in a bid to curb the spread of the virus.

Martin Lewis: Church of England has restricted weddings to only five congregants (Image: TWITTER)

“Have a severe health condition which means I should be in isolation to protect myself but If I cancel I’ll lose all money paid as venue still open. What can I do?”

He said: “I wish I had an easy answer. If you have wedding insurance speak to them.”

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He went on: “If not can you do social distancing at the wedding (check with a doctor)?

“Yet don’t put your health at risk a long term happy healthy marriage is more important than a wedding day.”

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Wedding insurance usually covers is costs in terms of venues, suppliers or key people falling ill or failing to show up.

Policies typically cover if a venue cancels on you or if a supplier falls through etc.

The woman replied: “Wedding insurance not covering a pandemic just don’t know what to do for the best as I just want to marry my man but also can’t afford to loose 10k or have my health at risk.”

Others contacted Martin to ask about their rights on refunding a honeymoon.

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Martin Lewis: Martin described the situation for those with weddings planned as “awful” (Image: GETTY)

Another commented: “My friend has also had to cancel their wedding on Saturday.

“Only allowed five people at the marriage. Registrar, bride, groom and two witnesses, their three year old son wouldn’t be there. So much money lost. Just such an awful situation.”

Martin also revealed his mortgage coronavirus advice for Britons. 

He appeared on an emergency version of the Martin Lewis Money Show last night.

He gave advice ahead of the show on Twitter especially for those in the rental market.

Martin wrote: “All evictions to be banned for three months, more details on rental help due soon.”

He added: “I’m now hearing landlords will be able to get a three month buy to let mortgage holiday if tenants can’t pay rent, to make offering tenants forbearance easier. This is coupled with the three months evictions. We’ll be confirming and analysing tomorrow.”

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Taking another Twitter user to task after they complained about loss on income for landlords, he said: “In this scenario who’s most out of pocket, is less relevant than ensuring all parties survive and get through it with minimal financial and health damage.”

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