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Martin Lewis: Money Saving Expert shares best travel insurance with coronavirus cover

Britons have been gifted much more flexibility with holiday destinations after the Foreign Office lifted travel restrictions were lifted on a number of destinations.

However, no mainstream police will offer customers cover for non-essential travel while the Foreign Office continues to warn against it.

They will also not protect you if this restriction is eased but your holiday is cancelled due to the UK or other countries’ coronavirus travel restrictions in place in future.

Consequently, it’s key to be savvy when it comes to booking holidays abroad during this uncertain time and follow the latest travel advice.

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Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert (MSE) team have rounded up the best for coronavirus cover right now.

They all offer medical cover abroad for coronavirus and some offer cancellation cover for coronavirus.

“As long as there’s no Government warning in place against travel, you’ll be covered for all the other normal scenarios, eg, bereavement, theft, loss,” explains MSE.

These are the best annual and single-trip travel insurance policies for under-66s with some coronavirus cover.

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Leisure Guard (Standard) offers the cheapest annual cover from £17.99 and single cover from £7.50.

The excess costs £100.

However, it offers no cancellation cover for coronavirus.

This is included with Coverwise (Silver) though.

For the same benefits but with no excess, there’s CoverForYou (Silver).

This offers annual cover from £32 and single trip cover from £10.75.

Trailfinders also offers the same cancellation cover for coronavirus.

Annual cover starts from a costly £155 but this automatically includes worldwide cover with winter-sports extension as standard.

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Trailfinders single trip cover starts from £27 and the excess is £75.

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