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Martin Lewis reveals how you could save £350 on energy bills – how does it work?

Martin Lewis reveals how you could save £350 on energy bills - how does it work? 1

Martin Lewis will often share his tips in a bid to help Britons save money. Tonight, he revealed how Britons could save on their energy, broadband and water bills. The expert told viewers the simple way they could save around £350 on their energy bills.

“If you got a two-year fixed two years ago, the rates have come down quite a lot in the last year.”

He explained why shopping around and checking different energy deals could reduce the cost of bills.

Martin said half of Britons are on standard tariffs that may not give them the best deal.

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He said: “50 percent of you are on standard tariffs, that’s £1,179 a year.


“You can massively bust that down to £820 a year on typical use.”

By shopping around, Britons could get the impressive yearly saving of £359.

Martin also told viewers the importance of using a comparison website when changing deals, specifically speaking on a British Gas energy deal.

“You can’t get the deal going to British Gas,” he added. “You can only get it through a comparison website.”

As well as cutting the cost of their energy bills, he said homeowners could save on broadband deals.

Speaking of the best internet deals out there at the moment, Martin revealed the average annual bill cost in the country.

He said: “You typically pay £500 a year, but you can bust this down.”

By using a comparison site again, Martin told viewers how they could get a cheaper equivalent deal.

The final price includes any promotions, such as a gift voucher, that are often given on comparison sites.

Martin explained Britons could save by taking out a deal with Post Office, costing £11.70 a month equivalent.

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If hoping for a faster broadband, Martin said Plusnet offers a cheap option, costing £21 a month, equivalent price.


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