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Matt Baker's rumoured The One Show replacement finally speaks out on the BBC's 'plan'

Matt Baker’s rumoured The One Show replacement Gethin Jones, 42, has addressed suggestions he could take over from the former, following his departure earlier this year. The Welsh TV host told this week’s OK! Magazine that he is “unsure” what the BBC’s “plan is” but he had “really enjoyed” filling in temporarily.



I was disappointed

Gethin Jones

Gethin revealed: “I think it’s all up in the air at the moment because of the pandemic. I don’t know what the plan is, but I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Addressing the remote TV interviews on the daly offering due to lockdown, the presenter said that the job had allowed him to see how celebrities live.

“I’ve loved going into work and snooping into people’s houses as all the interviews have been on Skype.”

However, some stars have shielded their households by appearing via a small space where the majority of the house is obstructed.

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Matt Bakers rumoured The One Show replacement Gethin Jones, 42, has spoken (Image: GETTY)

The presenter continued: “But I was disappointed when we had Tom Hanks’ wife Rita on. I was so looking forward to seeing Tom Hanks’ house as they have a typewriter room, but Rita was in the utility room.

Gethin also spoke of his close bond with The One Show co-star Alex Jones, who he has been acquainted with since a teenager.

“I love working with Al. I’ve known her since I was 18 and my first ever TV job was with her.

“I was wearing double denim, and she had about 17 colours in her hair!”

Gethin told OK! Magazine that he is “unsure” what the BBC’s “plan is” (Image: GETTY)

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Gethin also spoke of his close bond with co-star Alex Jones (Image: GETTY)

However sometimes the pair get carried away and forget the cameras are about to roll on the show.

“We’re always chatting away before the show starts and we have to remind ourselves we’re on live telly at 7pm and we have to behave ourselves.”

In one hilarious segment, the former Blue Peter star did not hold back after Alex complimented his sun kissed appearance after his time in “the garden”.

Alex responded: “I can tell.”

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Gethin then intercepted and said: “Although I don’t know if it’s the makeup I just did.”

Alex added: “Mine’s fake and yours isn’t.”

Cheeky Gethin then laughed and said: “Yours is patchy!”

Alex replied: “I’ve got children, I don’t sunbathe.”

She has been joined by several different co-hosts recently, while BBC bosses continue to seek a permanent replacement for presenter Matt after he stepped down from the programme.

At the end of March, Matt left The One Show after co-hosting the programme alongside Alex for nine years.

He told the BBC at the time: “I’ve loved that the One Show has been such a big part of my life for the last nine years.

“I’m continuing with Countryfile and BBC Sport and excited about other opportunities that come my way but most of all I’m looking forward to having dinner with my family and being able to put my kids to bed.”

The One Show continues tonight at 7pm on BBC One.

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