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Matt Evers boyfriend: Is Matt Evers in a relationship? Has the skater ever been married?

Dancing on Ice professional skater Matt Evers has made history in this season of Dancing on Ice after he has been partnered with Steps singer Ian H Watkins to create the show’s first-ever same-sex couple. The pair will take to the ice for the first time on Sunday alongside celebrities such as Love Island’s Maura Higgins, former footballer Kevin Kilbane and Paralympic gold medallist Libby Clegg. But is the US pro-skater dating anyone special?

Matt Evers, 43, is an American gold medallist skater who grew up in North Dakota.

He won many titles at the US Championships in his younger years and also won some prizes at international events.

He quit competing after winning these titles and began working in show business.

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Later he joined the cast of Dancing on Ice and has also worked as an actor, model and spokesperson.

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Matt Evers boyfriend: Is Matt Evers dating anyone right now? (Image: GETTY)

Matt Evers boyfriend: Matt Evers will be part of the first Dancing on Ice same-sex couple (Image: GETTY)

Evers joined the Dancing on Ice cast in 2006.

This year is the 12th year he has appeared in the show.

Previously he has been partnered with:

  • Bonnie Langford in 2006 coming in third place.
  • Lisa Scott-Lee in 2007 coming in sixth place
  • Suzanne Shaw in 2008 coming first
  • Zöe Salmon in 2009 coming fifth
  • Heather Mills in 2010 coming in 10th place.
  • Denise Welch in 2011 coming in sixth place.
  • Jorgie Porter in 2012 coming in second place.
  • Pamela Anderson in 2013 coming in 12th place.
  • Suzanne Shaw in 2014 coming in sixth place.
  • Candice Brown in 2018 coming in 12th place.
  • Gemma Collins in 2019 coming in eighth place.

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Matt Evers boyfriend: Matt has participated in every season of Dancing on Ice (Image: GETTY)

Is Matt Evers married?

Evers likes to keep his personal life private and therefore it is not known if he is dating anyone at the moment.

However, he was previously married to a woman, until he came out as gay in January 2018 in an interview with Attitude Magazine.

He chose to come out after his uncle’s death and explained that Donald Trump’s presidency contributed to his decision.

Evers’ uncle was an openly gay man who tragically died from an AIDs related illness.

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The skater told Attitude Magazine: “He was part of the original San Francisco and New York Fire Island crowd back in the 70s and 80s.

“I didn’t know I was gay at the time, but when he was dying it hit me really hard that he didn’t know the love of his mum, my grandmother.

“They were strict Catholics at the tip of the Bible belt.

“I wasn’t aware of why his passing and the thought of him never being accepted by his own family hurt me so much until I realised I was gay.

“It’s scary, the difference between generations.”

Matt Evers boyfriend: Matt Evers won the show in 2008 with Suzanne Shaw (Image: GETTY)

Evers also claimed that Donald Trump’s presidency gave him the courage to come out.

He said Mr Trump is someone who “gave a voice to bullies”.

He told Attitude Magazine: “I live my life by example, and I want to show young people that what you feel or how you were born isn’t something bad.”

How does Matt Evers feel about dancing with Ian H Watkins?

The professional skater is partnered with Ian “H” Watkins and the two have become the first same-sex skating partnership to feature on the show.

Evers spoke of the moment he had to ditch a difficult lift with H from Steps because his “balls” got in the way.

He told the Sun: “His ‘balls’ got in the way on a roll up lift, found something with same-sex partnership that may not be done. The first thing.”

“We’re in full-on practice mode. There’s a practical difference, though, parts of his anatomy get in the way in certain moves, on some of the lifts.

“We’re having to alter the lifts because it’s never been done before.”


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