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McDonald’s money saving tips: How to get 50% off food plus free hot drinks this week


The app will also show the date customers need to use it by, based on when they signed up to the app. 

McDonald’s has confirmed that there’s no maximum discount.

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The fast-food chain is known for its tasty McCafé hot drinks including coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

In order to receive a free regular hot drink, customers need to sign up to the app where they can find all the deals available.

No food order is necessary, hot drink lovers can just order a hot beverage if that is all they fancy.

For the next deal, existing customers are also included and they can get £5 off a £15 spend.

This deal ends at 11:59pm on November 1 and orders can be placed online for pick up in a local McDonald’s. 

Customers should also keep an eye on the money saving section within the app, as deals and offers regularly pop up to help customers get more for their money.

The fast food chain is also still running lower prices across their menu due to the VAT for the hospitality sector being cut from 20 percent to 5 percent until January 2021. 

This means customers can get 20 pence off a Big Mac, quarter pounder with cheese, or six nuggets as well as 30 pence off a Happy Meal.

There are also price cuts across the breakfast menu as well as 40 pence off a regular black coffee.

At the top of McDonald’s receipts, there’s also a ‘Food for Thoughts’ code.

If customers enter that code on their website and fill in a quick survey to receive a second code, it can be exchanged in the restaurant for a £1.99 Big Mac and fries which is usually around £4.

McDonald’s lovers can also then take the receipt from this purchase and do the survey again to get another free meal. 

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