Home World Melania Trump fury: FLOTUS gets gets Twitter backlash over heartbreaking hospital visit

Melania Trump fury: FLOTUS gets gets Twitter backlash over heartbreaking hospital visit

Melania Trump fury: FLOTUS gets gets Twitter backlash over heartbreaking hospital visit 1

The First Lady will be visiting a local hospital in Boston on Wednesday this week to learn about the program where volunteers take part in cuddling babies that are going through drug withdrawal. Some newborn babies experience withdrawal symptoms when they are born because their parents used certain drugs during pregnancy.

Melania’s visit to the Boston Medical Centre is part of her BeBest initiative.

However, the FLOTUS has received backlash on Twitter for retweeting an article from WCVB-TV Boston about her upcoming visit.

One user said: “Careful… the babies might get Frost Bite!”

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Another said: “The doctors and nurses at Boston Medical see this as a betrayal of our patients and our mission.”

Another user called Allie said: “I thought the point of the cuddling program was to provide these babies with warmth and human interactions.”

Kathleen Hurst said: “Can’t she just go away and take her big baby with her.”

One user called Dee savagely said: “The only thing the first lady knows how to cuddle is her bitcoins and diamonds, probably stuffed away in a vault in Switzerland.”

But some users supported the First Lady’s visit to the Boston hospital.

One user said: “Love you so much Melania.

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They said: “Uh-oh. We call that baby fever. We would LOVE to see a baby in the White House!”

The program is called Cuddling Assists in Lowering Maternal and Infant Stress or ‘CALM’.

In the program, trained Boston University medical students will hold the newborns experiencing the symptoms to help lower their stress levels and monitor them.

Paediatrics professor Elisha Wachmann said of the program: “There’s times when [babies’ mothers] can’t be at the bedside, at which a CALM cuddler can step in.”

Melania will learn all about the program and what it entails when she visits the medical centre.

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She will also learn about other initiatives at the hospital that help pregnant women with Substance Use Disorder and their newborn babies.

She will then be given a tour of the South End hospital’s paediatric unit.

The FLOTUS will also be expected to meet children and families who have undergone the treatment.

Melania’s BeBest initiative launched in May 2018.

It focuses on promoting children and young people’s well being, online safety such as cyber bullying, and their health amid America’s opioid epidemic.


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