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Melania Trump used subtle trick to make sure she 'stood out' when meeting the Queen

Melania Trump used subtle trick to make sure she 'stood out' when meeting the Queen 1

Melania Trump is the wife of the 45th US President, Donald Trump, 73. In the last year, the couple have visited the UK twice where they met with members of the British Royal Family. Melania used a trick to make sure she stood out when meeting the Queen.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Gianni Casagrande of shoe brand Moda in Pelle suggested Melania sent some strong messages with her outfits choices.

He said: “As the old phrase goes, the clothes maketh the man, but when it comes to Melania Trump, America’s First Lady, she is certainly sending a strong message of who she is via her sartorial choices – particularly when she meets or socialises with the Queen.

“Melania has come under criticism for elements of her pre-Trump lifestyle, including a glamour model career and a reputation for favouring revealing outfits.

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“However, with pieces like the Mary Poppins inspired white Dolce & Gabbanna dress with a navy belt she wore during last June’s state visit, she is showing an elegant side – while still showing off her figure.”


Analysing pictures from Melania’s trips to the UK, Gianni noticed the First Lady was trying to give subtle signals with her style choices.

While meeting the Queen, Melania pulled out all the stops with her style and showed she wasn’t afraid to stand out, even among royalty.

Gianni added: “Like the Queen, Melania is a fan of bold colours and tailoring, and isn’t afraid to stand out and wear something eye-catching.

“At a state dinner during last summer’s visit she wore a bright red Givenchy gown in a favourite cut of hers – the cape.

“Cape fits are a firm fixture in Melania’s wardrobe. During the same visit to the UK in 2019 she also wore a beautiful ochre Valentino gown with pops of bright fuschia and matching suede court pumps.”

While visiting the UK, Melania has stuck with her signature glamorous style, the expert suggested.

However, she also made sure she did not go unnoticed by picking pieces on the bold side.

“Melania’s style choices demonstrate that she isn’t someone happy to fade into the background,” Gianni added. “And that she is confident in her position.

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