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Melania Trump v Ivanka Trump net worth: The impressive fortunes the Trump women have made

The mother-of-one is sure to have built her fortune while doing shoots for the likes of Vogue, Vanity Fair and New York Magazine.

As well as earning money from her modelling career, Melania has launched her own businesses.

Her jewellery collection Melania Timepieces sold lavish statement jewellery designed by the First Lady.

Pieces in the collection, which sold on QVC, would often sell out within minutes of being released.


The keen businesswomen also launched the Melania Skin Care Collection which focused on skincare goods including anti-aging products.

In 2016, the range reportedly brought in royalties of up to £40,000.

She also has money in property and bought a New York City flat worth around £1million the same year.

Since being the First Lady, Melania is thought to have cut off ties with her businesses to focus on her political role.

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She later turned her hand to business and built her bank account as an executive vice president for the family-owned Trump Organization.

During this time, it was reported Ivanka earned a whopping pre tax salary of £27million.

She continued her work for the family by managing the interior design for the Trump hotels.

Since Donald became President, she has worked as one of his senior political advisors and is not thought to take a salary.

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