Home World Merkel under pressure to ease Germany's lockdown amid growing social unrest

Merkel under pressure to ease Germany's lockdown amid growing social unrest

Merkel under pressure to ease Germany's lockdown amid growing social unrest 1

On Friday, German police clashed with a group of youths, who were violating the lockdown. As officers tried to disperse them and enforce social distancing, the thugs are said to have attacked them with iron bars. The window of a police car was smashed, after one member of the gang threw a stone, but fortunately the officer escaped any injury.

According to the German media outlet Deutsche Welle, another group of 20 then launched a sustained assault on an officer moments later, using stones, roof tiles and iron bars.

The news comes as Germany continued to see both a decline in the number of new infections, as well as a fall in the mortality rates.

Health officials announced on Monday 2,537 new cases of COVID-19, down 284 from the previous day.

The death toll also experienced a third day of decline, with only 126 new fatalities reported, bringing the total number to 2,799.

The positive news has led for calls for the lockdown to be eased over the coming weeks from federal governors.

Armin Laschet, governor of North Rhine-Westphalia, which has the country’s highest infection rate for the killer virus, called on the Chancellor to provide a “road map” out of the current situation.

He argued that the willingness of the public to tolerate the restrictions further would be bolstered if the public could see a clear path out of the curfew.

The governor revealed his own plans for how to get Germany back on its feet again, after the introduction of the lockdown on March 22 brought the country to a shuddering halt.

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It also gave its consent to the re-opening of shops, restaurants and government offices, provided again that social distancing measures were observed.

The institute emphasised that face masks should be worn by people when out and about and particularly when travelling on public transport.

The head of the Academy, Gerald Haug, told Der Spiegel: “Every citizen should in the future have this type of protection for their mouth and nose and wear it each time social distancing measures can’t be respected.”

The Academy’s recommendations will be considered in full at government meeting on Wednesday that will involve Ms Merkel and the heads of Germany’s 16 states.

The Chancellor has previously expressed the need to exercise extreme caution, when it comes to lifting the lockdown restrictions.

Last week, she told the media that the quarantine conditions would last until at least April 19.

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