Michael Schumacher’s wife gives rare health update ahead of anniversary – ‘Keep fighting’

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Michael Schumacher’s wife gives rare health update ahead of anniversary – ‘Keep fighting’ 1

Corinna, 50, has said “big things start with small steps” as fans prepare to launch a new ‘KeepFightingMichael’ social media page on December 29. Schumacher, 50 suffered serious head injuries during an incident in the French Alps on December 29, 2013. The German motor-racing star was placed in a medically-induced coma for six months after the accident.

He was later transferred for further rehabilitation at the University of Lausanne before being moved to his home in Switzerland.

In five days time, the Kerpen fan club in Germany has announced they will use the hashtag ‘KeepFighting’ to keep the memory of the F1 legend alive.

‘KeepFighting’ is also the name of the family foundation which supports other accident victims and invests in brain and spinal cord research.

Corinna told fans: “Big things start with small steps. Many small particles can form a huge mosaic.

“Together you are stronger, and that is exactly how combined forces of the KeepFighting movement make it easier to encourage others.”

Reiner Ferling, chairman of the fan club, said he is still remains “full of hope” he will see Schumacher out in public again.

He said: “Unfortunately, the time has come again, the sixth anniversary of Michael’s accident is coming around.

“Six years full of hope that Michael will one day go out in public again.”

Mr Ferling stated Schumacher is in “good hands” and paid tribute to his “strong” family.

Mr Ferling said: “We know that Michael is in good hands, that he gets love, security and confidence.

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Professor Menasché, a pioneer of cell therapy, said there were no experiments involving Schumacher.

Professor Menasché told Italian newspaper La Repubblica: “I do not work miracles. My team is not experimenting with him.”

Meanwhile, a nurse at the French hospital reportedly confirmed Schumacher was showing signs of recovery.

A nurse told Le Parisien: “Yes he is in my service. And I can assure you that he is conscious.”

(Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg)

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