Home World Michelle Obama heartbreak: Ex-FLOTUS inundated with praise after heartfelt Twitter post

Michelle Obama heartbreak: Ex-FLOTUS inundated with praise after heartfelt Twitter post

Michelle Obama heartbreak: Ex-FLOTUS inundated with praise after heartfelt Twitter post 1

The former First Lady and wife to ex-US President Barack Obama shared some images of herself meeting veterans and their families during her husband’s time in office.  Veterans Day is national holiday in the US to honour military personnel who have served in the country’s armed forces. The caption with Michelle’s photos read: “Whenever I’m looking for a source of strength and courage, I think about our veterans and their families—they inspire me every day.

“On Veterans Day, let’s make sure we all give a little something back to those who have given so much to our nation.”

The former First Lady’s post gained a lot of attention from adorning fans.

Many praised Michelle and her work with veterans and their families during her time in the White House.

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One person wrote on Twitter: “I love Michelle Obama, she truly cares about our military and their families.”

Another Twitter user posted: “You are an amazing woman in every sense of the word. We miss our Mom-in-Chief, not to mention the guy you brought with you to the White House.”

Robert D’Angelo tweeted: “Your words and deeds always inspire me to do better. More importantly, reminding us on this day always give thanks to our veterans for their bravery and service.”

Many used her post as a way to take a swipe at the Trump administration.

Mannig Lomis posted on social media: “You and your family brought so much good to our nation.

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The added: “We were so lucky to have the Obamas, we will never recover from the dumpster fire in office.”

Some Twitter users called for Michelle to run for President herself.

One person tweeted her saying: “Please please please run for pres one day! Love you so much Mrs President!”

Another wrote: “Please run for President and really make a difference for our vets and America. We really need you now!”

Myriam posted on twitter: “Please enter the Dem race.”

Despite the praise, Michelle’s post was also met with backlash.

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One Twitter user replied to the former First Lady saying “no one cares what you think!”.

Another claimed her post was “baloney” and accused Michelle of really hating America.

Some also highlighted allegations from 2012 that Michelle complained about the length of time it took to fold a flag during a 9/11 memorial service.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Oh, you mean like when you said to your husband ‘all this for a damn flag’.”

Another added: “You literally were caught on camera saying ‘all this for a flag?’ Shut your face!”


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