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Mick Fleetwood recreates 'Dreams' TikTok — complete with cranberry juice

Mick Fleetwood has made his TikTok debut — and it’s already a hit.

The Fleetwood Mac founder, 73, joined the video-sharing app on Sunday with an amazing debut: He remade the viral video, created by new internet star Nathan Apodaca, which showed the Idaho man being towed on his longboard as he lip-synced to the band’s hit “Dreams” and swigged cranberry juice from the bottle.

Mick Fleetwood tries out “Dreams” with some swigs of cran. (Screenshot: Mick Fleetwood/TikTok)
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Fleetwood wrote that Apodaca, who uses the handle @420doggface208, “had it right. ‘Dreams’ and Cranberry just hits different.” The British singer and drummer, rocking his ponytail and some gold chains over his T-shirt, followed suit in his clip as he sang along with bandmate Stevie Nicks’s voice to their song from 1977’s Rumours. Though it’s unclear if he’s skateboarding.

Apodaca reshared Fleetwood’s video on his account, writing, “What a day.”

Apodaca’s video, uploaded last month, went mega-viral — to the success of the iconic band. It’s since become a challenge, with many people uploading their takes — though none touching Fleetwood’s. The renewed interest in the song landed on the charts again. Last week, it was on the Rolling Stone song chart at spot No. 29.

Fleetwood Mac gave a thumb’s up to Apodaca’s video last month after it first started circulating.

Apodaca was interviewed by TMZ amid his viral stardom and explained how it came about.

“My car, it just shuts off sometimes,” he said of his ride, which has more than 300,000 miles. And he was on the way to work. “I always have my longboard in there, in case I run out of gas or something… So I just jumped on my long board … [and] I decided this would be perfect for a video.”

He’s since received more than $ 10,000 in donations that he said will help him fix his car, upgrade his housing situation and assist him mom.

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