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Minecraft Dungeons crossplay: Is Minecraft Dungeons crossplay on Switch, PS4, PC and Xbox?

Minecraft Dungeons has officially launched for the PC and every major console platform. People can now play across a series of action-packed levels along or in a team of four, introducing a multiplayer RPG element to the treasured builder.



Is there cross-play in Minecraft Dungeons?

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Minecraft Dungeons has launched for every platform today, including the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

People can enjoy playing with their friends on launch day in up to a group of four, but only within the confines of their selected platform.

Mojang explained cross-platform play – which is becoming an increasing demand for online multiplayers – will eventually come, however.

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Minecraft Dungeons crossplay: Is Minecraft Dungeons crossplay between Switch, PS4, PC and Xbox? (Image: MOJANG)

Minecraft Dungeons crossplay: Minecraft Dungeons is a departure from Mojang’s original offering (Image: GETTY)

In a post to Minecraft.net, they said they aim to have people play across platforms, but some features won’t spread across mediums.

They wrote: “At launch, you’ll be able to play online multiplayer with players on the same platform.

“Our goal is to let everyone play together regardless of platform, and we’re looking forward to enabling cross-platform play in a future free game update.

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“Save files and game progress do not transfer across platforms.”

Minecraft Dungeons crossplay: The game will debut without crossplay, with plans to bring it in later (Image: MOJANG)

The game has also chosen not to mix local and online multiplayers, with certain changes introduced to the latter.

Online multiplayer will shift depending on the number of people in a game at any one time.

The number of enemies, difficulty and the amount of loot will vary based on how many people play together.

The game will also lock out difficulty levels it believes are too low for people playing.


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Minecraft Dungeons crossplay: Dunegons will see people crowded with hordes of familiar enemies (Image: MOJANG)

Enemies will initially do little to bemuse battle-hardened Minecraft veterans, with creepers, enchanters and skeletons immediately in the mix.

The going gets tough when the game throws them at you, however, with scores of enemies thrown into the arena.

Dozens of varying assailants will find some people crammed into corners and overwhelmed as they attempt to navigate their way forwards.

Levels will also throw other hazards at them via design, with ploys varying by level.

In Dungeons, players have access to a total of nine biomes built around a central theme.

Each theme brings in a gimmick and will see some players having to deftly swerve rambling mine carts, which can also be used in their favour.

The new “Diablo with creepers” has received rave reviews on release, with an aggregated score of 71 on Metacritic.

However, critics have pulled up the game for its length, unsurprising given the original game’s limitless playability.


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