Home Sports MLB Opening Day 2020 live scores, updates, highlights from Friday's baseball games

MLB Opening Day 2020 live scores, updates, highlights from Friday's baseball games

MLB Opening Day 2020 live scores, updates, highlights from Friday's baseball games 1

Baseball, baseball, baseball.

While the MLB season officially got underway Thursday, a nearly full slate of games comes your way Friday, with baseball being played deep into the night. It’s Opening Day for 26 teams, starting with an NL East matchup at 4:10 p.m. ET with Jacob deGrom taking on Mike Soroka and the World Series-hopeful Braves in New York. 

Closing out the night is a must-watch matchup between the scrappy Athletics and a sneaky-underrated Angels squad, featuring the planet’s greatest player, Mike Trout.

Thursday’s games had a little bit of everything that makes baseball great: slick defending, great pitching, dingers, starpower and more. With 13 games on today’s schedule, expect to see more of that.

Sporting News will be tracking scores, highlights and more from today’s games below.

(All times Eastern.)

MLB scores

Sporting News will be tracking the latest scores here, and highlights below:

GameStart timeScore
Braves vs. Mets4:10 p.m. ET1-0 Mets (Final)
Tigers vs. Reds6:10 p.m. ET7-1 Reds (Final)
Blue Jays vs. Rays6:40 p.m. ET6-4 Blue Jays (Final)
Marlins vs. Phillies7:05 p.m. ET5-2 Marlins (Final)
Brewers vs. Cubs7:10 p.m. ET3-0 Cubs (Final)
Royals vs. Indians7:10 p.m. ET2-0 Indians (Final)
Orioles vs. Red Sox7:30 p.m. ET13-2 Red Sox (Final)
Rangers vs. Rockies8:05 p.m. ET1-0 Rangers
Twins vs. White Sox8:10 p.m. ET10-5 Twins
Pirates vs. Cardinals8:15 p.m. ET5-2 Cardinals
Diamondbacks vs. Padres9:10 p.m. ET0-0
Mariners vs. Astros9:10 p.m. ET6-2 Astros
Dodgers vs. Giants9:40 p.m. ET2-1 Dodgers
Angels vs. A’s10:10 p.m. ET0-0

MLB Opening Day 2020 live updates, highlights

9:49 p.m.: Kyle Hendricks finishes off a complete game shutout for the Cubs.

9:23 p.m.: Mariners rookie Kyle Lewis just took Justin Verlander deep.

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9:03 p.m.: Luis Robert collects his first MLB hit.

8:56 p.m.: Kepler just hit another home run.

8:45 p.m.: The Twins got a first-pitch home run from Max Kepler to start their season and are continuing to roll tonight.

8:15 p.m.: Here’s a surprise: Cavan Biggio and the Jays are taking the fight to Charlie Morton and the Rays. 

7:57 p.m.: Ian Happ lives!

7:46 p.m.: Joey Votto with some yardwork.

6:52 p.m.: Cincinnati up 2-0 on the Tigers in Cincy, and Sonny Gray looks sharp through two innings.

6:00 p.m.: Yoenis Cespedes goes DEEP to left to break the 0-0 tie in New York.

5:50 p.m.: Jeff McNeil just accomplished something very weird: a 5-unassisted putout. 

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5:38 p.m.: Through 5 1/3, the Mets and the Braves are still locked in a 0-0 tie.

MLB schedule 2020

Fans looking to take in some national baseball can tune in to these nationally televised games over the weekend:

Friday, July 24

GameStart timeChannel
Braves vs. Mets4 p.m. ETESPN
Tigers vs. Reds6 p.m. ETMLB Network
Brewers vs. Cubs7 p.m. ETESPN
Mariners vs. Astros9 p.m. ETMLB Network
Angels vs. A’s10 p.m. ETESPN

Saturday, July 25

GameStart timeChannel
Brewers vs. Cubs1 p.m. ETFox
Pirates vs. Cardinals2 p.m. ETMLB Network
Giants vs. Dodgers4 p.m. ETFox
Yankees vs. Nationals7 p.m. ETFox
Diamondbacks vs. Padres9 p.m. ETFS1

Sunday, July 26

GameStart timeChannel
Yankees vs. Nationals1 p.m. ETTBS
Angels vs. A’s4 p.m. ETMLB Network
Braves vs. Mets7 p.m. ETESPN
Giants vs. Dodgers10 p.m. ETESPN
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