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Mobile FNCS winner exposes aim assist as “incredibly busted”

michael_hindi@tracker.gg (Michael Hindi)

While the mobile Fortnite community is feeling the pain caused by the friction of two tech titans, we caught up with one of the scene’s biggest success stories: Kytrex

Epic cemented the two track tournament system which separates PC players from Console and Mobile with equal prize pools for the coveted Fortnite Championship Series. This move presented an opportunity for players just like Kytrex

Kytrex can be classified under Fortnite’s 2nd wave of professional players. While he wasn’t one of the original Skirmish slayers like Chap or Cloakzy (which are a dying breed), Kytrex’s Fortnite prowess became more and more evident leading up to the World Cup

Teaming up with Faze H1ghSky1, the duo had a near run in with the World Cup qualifiers. Their best performance was 12th in Week 4 which is pretty darn good considering there were over 40,000,000 cumulative players that tried to crack the $ 30,000,000 prize pool

In spite of coming so close and missing, Kytrex would continue his grind. Eventually he switched from Keyboard to Controller when the meta shifted towards the pesky L2 spammers and he finally solved the puzzle

An astounding 5th place finish at the Solo FNCS invitationals was quickly outshined after Kytrex picked up an iPad pro from his local best buy and went to town on some mobile kids. He went on to win the Solo FNCS on mobile for a $ 20,000 score

You can view Kytrex’s full stats here

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A player that can adapt to his or her environment is bound for success. Kytrex is living proof of that. After seeing this story develop, I absolutely had to bring him in and try to understand what goes on in the mind of the self proclaimed goat

When did you originally join the competitive Fortnite scene?

“I originally got involved in the competitive Fortnite scene dating back to Season 4. I looked up to Ninja, Myth, and Jaomock and was inspired by their talent and raw skill.”

You played with Faze H1ghSky during the world cup qualifiers, how was that experience?

“That experience was a wonderful time. The vibes were always high and numerous clutch moments made the time invaluable.”

While it’s obvious that you now play on a controller, you weren’t always on the sticks. When did you decide to make the switch and do you ever think you’ll go back to keyboard?

”I decided to make the switch to controller in November during squad FNCS. My squad member Aydan didn’t believe me at the time, but countless hours were spent developing the skill on controller. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to keyboard because controller is way easier to play Fortnite and the aim assist is amazing.”

This season you made a big switch by playing in the console/mobile FNCS on your iPad while previously playing on PC only. What made you go with an iPad instead of, say, an Xbox or PS4? Sure would have saved you some money!

”I played on the iPad instead of Xbox or PS4 because the iPad pro could get 120 frames and console could get only 60 fps. Even though it seems like it’s just 60 fps, there is tons of input delay on the console. It makes it much easier to control the aim on 120 fps and it felt like I had literal aimbot most of the time.”

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Do you plan on continuing to dominate mobile lobbies – or will you return to PC for future FNCS iterations?

”Since Apple has taken down Fortnite mobile, I am playing PC now. If Fortnite releases prize pools for console and pc, then I will most likely play console if I can’t find a dominant PC trio.”

Last question – what does it feel like to be the winner of a major tournament and a certified goat?

”It feels incredible. I spend countless hours everyday on Fortnite and the hard work paid off. This is just the beginning to an incredible journey.”

A continual drive for improvement to the extent that we see in Kytrex makes us certain he will only grow bigger and better. Follow Kytrex on Twitch and Twitter and show him some love as he traverses into the next season of competitive Fortnite!

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Source:Fortnite Tracker Feed

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