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Mutant lambs born with two eyeballs in same socket

Two mutant lambs are being bottle-fed by a kind farmer after they were born with severe facial deformities.

The rare birth has baffled residents of a small village in West Java, Indonesia and caused a great amount of fascination after they managed to survive against the odds.

One of the strange baby creatures, which are almost unrecognisable as sheep, has two eyeballs inside one socket and a nose-like growth dangling from its forehead.

Meanwhile other brown lamb has normal eyes, but the holes of its nose are at the end of a protruding growth in its forehead.

The two male lambs were born in Garut Regency, West Java on August 19 from the same sheep at a local farmer’s stable and have been causing quite a stir.

The white lamb and it’s brown fur sibling would not survive unless the famer stepped into feed them

A local by the name of Kurnia, who lives at the village, said: “The lamb belongs to a farmer named Lia who lives near my house and workplace.”

Because of their malformations, the two lambs are not able to suckle from their mother like normal newborns.

Instead, they are given special care by the farmer and bottle-feeding them every time they ask for it.

Despite their condition, Kurnia said his farmer neighbour are optimistic that the lambs will survive with his help.

The brown lamb has normal eyes, but its nostrils are at the end of a long growth
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He said: “Lia said the lambs look healthy and can live a long life with his help. I hope he is able to raise them well.”

Deformities are rare but not unusual. In recent years the world has seen a kitten with two faces, in Perth, Australia’ a two-headed turtle born in Jakarta, Indonesia and a two-headed calf in Yorkshire.

Meanwhile in March a mutant piglet was born with ‘human face and hair’ and filmed wriggling in farmer’s arms in Venezuela.

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