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‘My luck could run out’ Julie Walters feared she wouldn't wake up after bowel cancer op

Beloved Hollywood star Julie Walters today revealed she was diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer in an interview with Victoria Derbyshire. The actress has been given the all clear but told the BBC presenter she was worried she wouldn’t come round after an operation to remove two tumours.

“I thought my luck could run out,” Julie, who was diagnosed while filming The Secret Garden, told the presenter.

“Especially before the operation I thought, ‘Well I might not come round from the anaesthetic.’

“Then when I came round, I felt marvellous, I think there was a bit of heroin in there, it’s a really weird feeling.

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“I was high as a kite ringing everybody. It was only a couple of days later that I thought I felt exhausted and actually quite low.”

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She added: “There were two films and I just didn’t have to do any of it.”

Victoria asked: “So it was giving you permission to step off?”

“That was a wonderful – I’m still feeling it – because it’s the way I approach acting that isn’t probably healthy,” the star replied.

“I love it, it’s exciting but it’s stressful and in between jobs, you know, I would be working on the character and it was like my survival was involved in it.”

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