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My Postpartum Tips For The First 2 Weeks

Hi there! I hope everyone is holding up okay in these wild
times. I took to Stories to share my first two weeks postpartum,
day by day, and I had a lot of requests to create an entire blog
post about my first two weeks, things I did, things I’ve learned
having gone through this before, etc. etc. I want to first start
out by saying (after receiving a few negative messages) that this
is my experience, and I realize that everybody has a different
experience. I consider myself genetically very lucky, as my mom and
I both had easy pregnancies. I also stayed very active up until 40
weeks, which makes a HUGE difference in postpartum. This is in no
way a post to shame people who have done things differently than
me, but FOR ME, I am my happiest self and the most successful at
being a parent when I feel good about myself. I also wanted to
lastly mention that I am NOT back to my pre-pregnancy weight (that
is a crazy expectation for two weeks postpartum! please don’t
expect that for yourself!) I had women message and ask me how I fit
in my pre-pregnancy pants […]

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